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     5th edition race: nocturne

When creatures not native to the Shadowfell give birth within its gloomy domain, there is a chance that their souls are marked with the essence of Shadowfell, otherwise known as shadowstuff. While not initially showing it, as they grow they take on the characteristics of the creatures native to the plane. Elves born here become new shadar-kai, while other humanoids become nocturnes. Such features include an overall darker complexion, enhanced vision in dim and dark places, and a largely nocturnal lifestyle. These traits make them adapt to the perpetual darkness of the Shadowfell and natural hunters of the night, taking down prey with swift and efficient movements as they move through the shadow like they were one. While it is thought the first nocturnes were born this way, few are born like so in modern times with the arrival of the Raven Queen making travel to the Shadowfell an even more foreboding venture. They instead are created normally through procreation as they've spread through the Shadowfell, they have a mutual relationship with the cursed shadar-kai and often learn Elvish to better communicate with their elvish brethren.

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