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File:3.5e Prestige Class Illusionary Weapons Master.jpg |600px|thumb|Dale Beltre]]

     Revised 3rd edition prestige class: illusionary weapons master

Illusionary weapons masters are spellcasters who specialize in illusions so realistic that they actually border on reality. Tending to be light melee fighters, the fearsome illusion weapons that they create enable them to vanquish a large array of foes. Often, illusionary weapons masters are skilled in martial combat but are physically weak, forced to use their skill in arcane spells to compensate their physical limitations. They have little in the way of defense, so they rely on protective spells or fascinating and distracting their opponents with illusions. Through the limitless potential of the arcana, illusionary weapons masters know the best ways to use illusions to dishearten, distract, and defeat their foes.

Illusionary weapons masters typically adventure for entertainment, while recognizing the challenges it offers. Because of the illusionary nature of their magic, they tend to be protective of their skills and when encountered about them they may choose to use deceit, false explanations, and other illusionary tricks to explain how they remain effective individuals. A rare few illusionary weapons masters adventure for the greater good, serving their party and goals ambitiously, but the most famous role that they serve is as the evil mastermind with the complicated puzzles and traps in his castle. Most illusionary weapons masters are spontaneous arcane casters, heralding from the line of sorcerers, with some combat specialties coming from classes like fighters and bards.

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