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File:4e Race Graveborn.jpg |115px|thumb|A graveborn king in his ceremonial garb.]]

     4th edition race: graveborn

Graveborn were reborn in the Shadowfell. Their ultimate goal is to avoid what she once escaped, death and the clutches of the Raven Queen, and seek the power to defeat those who would threaten their survival. Haunted continually by the whispers of those who died and were buried in their vicinity, some graveborn seek to escape the voices by venturing into the wilds as barbarians. Others try to drown them out with arcane music or the more preferable, though demanding, voice of a warlock patron. Since they harbor no memories of their former lives and find it difficult to retain even recent memories graveborn are often distant and unapproachable, even to those who have known them for decades.

As an undead, graveborn live differently than other races and have no need to eat, drink, or breathe. They are usually similar in appearance to human zombies, but occasionally resemble other races. Their skin is almost always rotted. Graveborn are unnaturally gaunt and underweight, giving the impression of a withered or decaying corpse that shouldn't naturally be able to move, and they always smell somewhat stale. Even so they often wear concealing clothing such as cloaks and hooded robes, and it is not difficult to mistake one for a living person under the right disguise.

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