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File:4e Race Farspawn.jpg |450px|thumb|A farspawn can be adept at fighting with its tentacles.]]

     4th edition race: farspawn

Farspawn were formed in the Far Realm. These aberrations have dissociative morphologies culled from the self-image of living things– from pond-life, to animals and humans. Adventuring farspawn are vaguely humanoid but may have multiple eyes, eyestalks, pseuodopods, tentacles, chitin, mandibles and other protobiology. Their flesh might resemble the stuff of the material plane, but when wounded they might bleed fluid, color, sound, or an ooze of microorganisms. However, unlike other creatures tained by the Far Realm, adventuring farspawns are more coherent in their interactions and are able to forge relationships with other sentient creatures.

Farspawn's strange appearances alienate them, and often frightens communities into shunning them. Whilst a farspawn's goals are often incomprehensible, they may make alliances when their goals coincide with those of the humanoid races. Some farspawn have a strange, insidious force of personality that at its strongest can dominate groups of humanoids, with cults forming around them.

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