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File:Elf1.jpg |thumb|A female sylvan elf.]]

     4th edition racial trait variant: elf

Elves love and revere the natural world. This, combined with their eternal life spans, enables them to perceive much more in Nature than those of mortal birth could ever hope to. Some elves dwell deep in the forests, others beside tranquil oceans, others ın mountain caves, and even others in ancient cities hewn of shining white stones. No matter where they may live, all elves are graceful, emotional, fair and kind. They are one of a few races who are a great bastion against evil, as they are known to rise to the defense of the suffering far more than any other.

Elves are separated by their cultures and dwellings; high elves (eladrin) dwell in the Feywild or great cities of white stone in the world, wood elves (sylvans) dwell deep in forest glades, gray elves (sindar) dwell beside the oceans and seas and deep elves (Anain) dwell in caves in the mountains.

The last kindred of elves is not counted among those named above, as they betrayed the elves under the banner of Lolth and turned to evil. They are called the drow, or dark elves, and they dwell deep in the harsh network of underground caverns called the underdark, worshiping their evil goddess, Lolth. All elves share a burning hatred of the drow, but they also pity them for their delusions of grandeur and the harshness of their world.

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