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File:Deviant.jpg |75px|thumb|An old deviant, reading and mulling.]]

     Revised 3rd edition class: deviant

Deviants aren't combatants, nor are they handymen. They are observers of the highest tier, seeking patterns in life and distilling their experiences to gain knowledge. They devote their lives to study of the ever shifting universe, and through learning and experiences that may be religious, enlightening, ascetical or even purely for the self, the deviant gains unfathomable understanding of the world.

Tellers, travelers, wanderers, ascetics, pacifists, chroniclers, loremasters, seekers and doers. The deviant is it all, using their profound perceptive qualities in order to help their comrades. A deviant sees many things that other people can't, and uses his innate emanations in order to strengthen or defend.

In life, deviants are often rugged philosophers, no amount of grime on their leather explorer outfit deterring them from the next insightful revelation on their lifetime journey. Their versatile skill sets and travelworn nature make them easily more capable than a wizard or a sorcerer when on the road, even though life's many peculiarities may more frequently halt their steps.

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