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Demon Hunter(Angel) by cyl1981

     5th edition class: demon hunter

Demon hunters are individuals who have chosen to make a pact with a vengeful angel or a devil in order to exterminate demons. A demon hunter's pact can take many forms, it may be a brand on their skin, it may allow the demon hunter to glow with white or black energy, or it may even affect the very way a demon hunter thinks and speaks. Even so, through this pact, demon hunters gain the ability to harness magic as well as the power to feel the life essences of fiends and undead. Their tenacity in combat, along with their effective use of finesse and magic allows them to adapt to a variety of circumstances both in and out of combat.

Those who choose this path tend to crave battle and power, and at times, are often known to enter a trance where they kill their targets with no remorse. By choosing to become a demon hunter, these individuals have chosen to a life of killing as they know their job doesn't stop with the death of one demon, it only ends with either the extermination of all demons or their death. Many demon hunters therefore choose to travel with others, as alone, demon hunters often fall into an endless cycle of killing with no remorse.

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