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File:Caryatid Pavillon Colbert Louvre 2007 06 23.jpg |thumb|200px|| A caryatid column holding up a building and prepared for anything.]]

     D&D Wiki Magazine: Issue 2

The proudly-presented 2nd edition of Houserule (pdf) gives us insight into magic weapons of all kinds, so you'll find conjuring spells, monsters, weapon-related trinkets, and of course magic weapons!

We are offered insight into who can effect a player character's magic weapons when reading that a caryatid is a sculpted female figure serving as an architectural support. A typical caryatid resembles a slender human female wielding a sword. They are often found in pairs, supporting an entablature over the doorway they are guarding. Since they are cheaper to produce than stone golems, they might be found in colonnades of up to a dozen.

Specific magic weapons like Deathless, Longsword of Necromancers are exhibited in the 2nd edition of Houserule for player characters and DMs. This amazingly well balanced longsword has an opaque blade that feels constantly cold to the touch, as if it sucked out light and heat from its surroundings. The blade is sharp enough to cut through bone as if through butter, and is adorned with odd necromantic runes all the way to the tip. The guard looks as a human femur, and the handle looks like a skeletal hand waiting to be stretched, closing over the hand of its wielder with a firm grip that is probably the most unnerving thing about it.

Of course magic weapon options for player characters are in abundance within the 2nd edition of Houserule, and the illusionary weapons master once again makes a dramatic entrance for its readers. An illusionary weapons master can create illusions so realistic that they border on reality. The fearsome illusion weapons that they create enable them to vanquish a large array of foes. Being master manipulators, illusionary weapons masters know the best ways to use illusions to dishearten, distract, and defeat their foes.

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