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File:Ragnarök by Doepler.jpg |thumb|400px|| Cover image for the proudly presented 0th edition of Homebrew.]]

     D&D Wiki Magazine: Issue 0

The proudly-presented 0th edition of Houserule gives us a insight into the power behind fire.

The fireball spells and the flaming swords of high fantasy are what most come to mind when D&D is mentioned in the same sentence as "fire". What are the consequences of Alchemist's Fire in a confined, poorly-ventilated dungeon? Could you light a big fire at a cave mouth and choke or smoke out its inhabitants?

Earth for many a thousand year,
Then I am born of flame,
For one mere moment water-doused,
Tell me, what is my name?
- Traditional Dwarven riddle adapted to Common

In the meantime, please read on and see what takes your fancy in the 0th edition of Homebrew.

The Oath of the Eternal Flame binds paladins to the ideals of neutrality, balance, power, and strength. The Oath values true neutrality, as its paladins, also called cleansers, balancers, red knights, and flamehands, strive to keep good and evil in perfect balance. They adorn their red and gold weapons and armor with flames, symbolizing rebirth and power. They believe that if balance is not maintained, the Eternal Flame will be extinguished and all life will cease to exist. In times of great danger to the balance, Paladins will arise and swear the Oath of the Eternal Flame to defeat the powerful forces of good or evil that threaten it.

I am steel.

2 true

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