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File:3.5e Class Artificer.jpg |600px|thumb|An artificer on his way to barter for new crafting materials.]]

     Revised 3rd edition class: artificer

Artificers are masters of crafting unique and powerful items. They make them faster, better, and cheaper than any magic users that dabble in the arts of creation do. The artificer has magic running through his veins due to draconic heritage; much like the sorcerer the artificer is in a position of potentially great magic combined with extraordinary crafting abilities. While artificers are able to mimic the spell requirements for magical item creation, they are unable to cast any spells at all. Instead of the abilities others receive, an artificer is greatly defined by what he makes over the course of his life. His abilities are defined by the items that come into his possession, so unlike other classes he is not forced into any one position or role.

Artificers remove a lot of the issues that prevent parties from making their own magical items by improving the barriers of crafting. Artificer's abilities are primarily limited by his crafts, and they can help him fulfill a specific role exceptionally and fulfill various functions: an artificer can make a suitable ranged and melee combatant, and his treatment of a party's equipment is a welcome support function for all sorts of parties. An artificer's advancements vary greatly depending on their decisions, on their personality, and what they expect to deal with throughout their life.

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