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File:Apocalypse_vasnetsov.jpg |350px|thumb|Romanticization of the four original apocalypto.]]

     5th edition class: apocalypto

Hooves stampeded in the muddied earth, pulling up the terrain in clods and blowing them away in a fell swoop. Hell-bound souls filled the thundering skies as a hooded apocalyptic harbinger swept by, freeing the heads of goblins from their bodies as his allies feel necrotic forces rejuvenate them. He has but a pale visage under the dark hood and he relishes none of it, yet bows to his duty to enact death.

As empires spread across the world, old civilizations crumbled to dust as the pages of history were turned. Such is the tide of time. At the forefront of these disintegrating foundations are the apocalyptos, harbingers of destruction and desolation. A single glimpse of their defining steeds is but a sure sign your kingdom and land shall soon be in ruins. Weep as pestilence renders the homes empty and deathbeds full. Wail as famine overtakes the fields with poor harvest and bodies wither in strength. Scream and cower in fear from the raging war which tears nation by nation, husband from wife and father from son, spilling blood and gore indiscriminately on the battlefields. Stare in awe as death sweeps the remainder, taking those weary and weakened from the devastation and laying them to their final rest.

However, once the desolation has been had, the apocalypto may ride across the lands, defending villages and townships... or laying waste to them as well. This way, they build their reputations as just bringers of destruction. To be unknown as an apocalypto is to have failed one's duty due to the particular nature of the job.

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