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     5th edition race: alraune

These beautiful men and women, humanoid from the waist up but veiled by large petals are known as alraune. Vines sprout out of the base of their bulb, for nutrition, and smaller vines grow up out of the bulb, wrapping around their humanoid forms. Alraune's anatomy is far closer to that of a plant than a humanoid's. As a result thereof, their occurence is limited to biospheres where the climate is temperate, supporting plant growth. Alraunes tend to shy away from other races, hiding in the deeper parts of the forest - Should they come across a human it's often only from the treetops or as an inconspicuous form within their bulbs.

Alraune are born under rare circumstances; it is only when the potent magic from the Feywilds seeps into the material plane and binds the soul of a recently deceased humanoid to a flowers' seed that they come into existance. Alraune tales are purely shared by word of mouth and often carry little significance. If anything, their existence is only recorded by the faint whispers of the forest. Although they don't form societies or even groups in the traditional sense of the word, alraune are still a part of nature and are willing to share their territory with allies if they find that this could be benificial to themselves. Should their domain become endangered, they will fight alongside others to regain control.

As a sunflower alraune you are usually good and gentle towards other races. As a rose alraune you are not as friendly, but are easily the most charismatic of the strains. Venus alraune do not typically actively search for relationships with other races. They are the most territorial and predatorial of the three strains and seem to have a particular preference for meat.

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