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Aarakocra, Pathfinder Race[edit]

An aarakocra looming over the city.

Aarakocra are majestic creatures that hold supreme command over the skies. These avian humanoids, also known as birdfolk, evoke wonder and awe in those that are lucky enough to encounter them. Aarakocra hail from the Elemental Plane of Air, a groundless dimension with endless skies and strong winds, perfect for their seemingly endless flight. Their sheer existence represents the freedom and independence that all creatures hope to achieve.

Physical Description[edit]

Aarakocra are primarily humanoid in general anatomy. Standing upright, Aarakocra may reach 7 feet tall. All aarakocra have a very large pair of wings jutting from their backs, which give them the gift of natural flight. Aarakocra, much like birds, are absolutely covered in feathers, including tail feathers, which are used for much-needed balance while flying and walking. The color of their plumage is usually subdued with brown, gray, or white being common colors found within this race. A tough-textured skin covers their arms and legs (from the knees down), the only featherless parts of their bodies.


In a few dotted areas of the Material Plane, large aarakocra communities called colonies can be found. In aarakocra colonies living spaces are called nests, gargantuan and roofless living spaces that the entire colony shares. The nest is made of woven branches and leaves, materials used meticulously by only the most skilled of aarakocra craftsmen. Its design and construction makes the nest surprisingly sturdy and durable.

Each aarakocra colony is led by the colony's Chieftain, the eldest and wisest aarakocra in the colony as voted on by the colony's population. Chieftains hold their position until their death, in which case a new Chieftain is elected to take their place. Assisting the Chieftain is a Shaman, the religious leader of the colony. The Shaman must be a talented musician and is considered to be the closest to their goddess Syranita. They lead the colony in asking for her blessings through music. Aarakocra that don't hold a position of power mainly survive through hunting, a very old tradition and a practice done by all aarakocra regardless of gender. Since aarakocra hunting skills have been passed on through generations of aarakocra, most of the aarakocra population are extremely skilled with the bow and arrow.


All aarakocra are devout worshipers of their creator, Syranita. Syranita is an air goddess and the first aarakocra. While in a physical form, she takes on the appearance of a female aarakocra with golden-pink feathers that glitter in the sunlight. As a close ally to many other air deities, she is benevolent in nature and wants nothing but the best for the race she created. She is also a patron of music, often taking on her physical form just to hear aarakocra shamans and bards perform. Her feathers are said to have an immense healing property, mending the worst of injuries in seconds.

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