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Feather-Light Steel[edit]

Crafted from a super-light iron that very strong warriors can crumble in their hands, Feather-Light Steel is one of the lightest materials known to metallurgy. It is typically used as a filler material, as objects made entirely of Feather-Light Steel are incredibly light, but structurally frail.

Objects made of Feather-Light Steel are 1/4 of their fully steel counterparts' weight.

Feather-Light Steel receives a -3 penalty on saves against sundering, or similar attacks.

The masterwork portion of cost, when making a masterwork Feather-Light Steel object, is doubled due to the lengthy and rather difficult process of hardening the brittle metal; however, masterwork Feather-Light Steel objects receive no penalty against sundering.

Feather-Light Steel has 10 hit points per inch of thickness, and hardness 8.


Feather-Light Steel weapons are considered a size class smaller due to their extremely light weight, and, they deal 3 less damage. Projectiles made entirely of Feather-Light Steel gain an additional 25 foot range.


Armor made of Feather-Light Steel is considered one Armor Class lower. Heavy is considered medium, medium is light, and light is unchanged. While wearing this, your maximum Dexterity bonus is increased by 5, and armor check penalty is decreased by 5. This armor receives a -2 to AC if the base armor was medium or heavy.

You can add Feather-Light Iron to the smelting process of an armor to decrease the AC penalty by 1, and reduce the base weight by 10%. If the armor is a masterwork, you gain an additional +1 max Dexterity. If the armor that the Feather-Light Iron is incorporated into is reforged, the Feather-Light Iron is lost and must be replaced during the forging process.

Type of Feather-Light Steel Item Item Cost Modifier
Ammunition +40 gp
Armor +4,800 gp
Shield +2,400 gp
Weapon +2,400 gp

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