Feast of the Tree (4e Power)

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Feast of the Tree Tsuku-Master Attack 15
From the ground springs forth a group of mighty jobokko plants, ready to take the lifeforce out of those who venture too close by.
Daily Star.gif Divine, Conjuration, Necrotic, Implement
Standard Action Area wall 9 within 10 squares.
Effect: You conjure a solid wall composed of deadly, necrotic vines that act like arms. The wall can be up to 9 squares long and up to 5 squares high. Any creature that starts its turn adjacent to the wall takes 1d8 + Intelligence modifier necrotic damage, and must make an acrobatics check of 10 + Intelligence modifier + your half-level or else is immobilized until the beginning of its next turn. The wall blocks line of sight and prevents movement. No creature can enter into a square containing the wall.
Special: As a standard action, a creature can attack one square of the wall. Each square has 40 hit points. Any creature that makes an attack while adjacent to the wall takes 2d4 necrotic damage. The wall has resist 20 to necrotic and vulnerability 20 to radiant and fire.

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