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Fear Aura [Divine]

Emanate small fear aura.
Prerequisite: Intimidate 5 ranks, Knowledge (Religion) 5 ranks, Charisma 13+, non-good alignment.
Benefit: Your character emanates an aura 10' out. This aura can be used to cause the spell Fear against an opponent of the player's choosing that is within the range of effect of the aura. The character must be aware of the opponent to be able to target that person. The spell's Will save is against your character's Intimidate check. This ability can be used 1/day as a move action.
Special: If more than one alternative source of fear aura exists, the distances stack (if it doesn't already) plus the 10' is added upon taking this feat once. This feat can be taken up to 4 times. The second and 3rd time of taking this, the aura extends 10' and an additional 1/day use. The fourth time improves it to a 3 times per encounter (The term 'encounter' to DM interpretation).

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