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Fiend's Favored[edit]

This is a variant for the favored soul base class (Note: the WotC's favored soul class already has a similar variant, this is an improvement of that variant).

This twisted soul is not serving divine beings but fiendish ones. The favored of the fiends is a champion of corruption and wickedness. They indulge in sins of various kinds and their fiendish patrons lend them some powers through a form of magical pact stolen from deities, that grants far more power their patrons should be able to give.

Class: Favored Soul In The Dungeon

Level: 1st

Special requirements: You must be dedicated to a fiendish patron (devil, demon or yugoloth)

Replaces: If you select this class feature, you do not gain the Deity's weapon Focus feature at 1st level, nor you gain the Deity's weapon Specialization feature at 7th level and your ''Spiritual weaponry feature at 13th level. Your Channel divinity feature changes, as well as your Domain and Damage reduction. At 20th level you do not gain Divine self.

Benefit: You gain Knowledge (the planes) as a class skill.

At 1st level you gain a claws attack and a bite attack in the form of elongated and sharpened nails and teeth. Your bite deals damage as a short sword of your size and the nails as a dagger of your size (1d6 and 1d4 for medium creatures). Your claws are your primary natural weapons. When you are not wielding a weapon, you can use your claws when making an attack action. When making a full attack, you can use both claws and your bite, making two natural primary attack with the claws and one natural secondary attack with the bite. When wielding a weapon, you can use the weapon as your primary attack and your bite as a natural secondary attack. In addition, if you have a free hand, you can also attack with a claw as an extra natural secondary attack.

Your natural attacks count as if they were evil-aligned and magical for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

You gain the feat Evil brand as an extra feat.

At 2nd level you gain the Channel evil feature: it works as Channel divinity and all of its enhancements but any bonus is now a profane bonus.

At 4th level you gain one domain representing your fiendish patron or a vice domain (or any domain that stands for some kind of depravity, if the DM allows it).

At 7th level you gain one bonus feat, depending on your patron: Disciple of darkness (devil), Scion of sorrow (yugoloth) or Thrall to demon (demon).

At 13th level you gain one bonus feat, depending on your patron: Demonsworn knight (demon), Hellbound knight (devil) or Tormented knight (yugoloth). This feats' effects apply also to your natural weapons.

At 19th level in addition to your damage reduction reduction you gain DR 10/good.

At 20th level you gain the Fiendish self feature: it's the same as Divine self but you are an evil outsider (gaining the type outsider and the evil subtype). You do not gain the DR 10/magic.

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