Faultline (4e Power)

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Faultline Warmage Attack 1
You strike the ground beneath you, sending a line of force through the earth to your target, upheaving stone and soil to form a stalwart wall.
Encounter Star.gif Arcane, Conjuration, Implement
Standard Action Area wall 6 within 10 squares (Special)
Special: The number of squares the wall is able to occupy and the range at which the wall's origin can be set is increased by an amount of squares equal to your Wisdom modifier.
Target: Each creature adjacent to wall
Attack: Intelligence Vs. Reflex
Hit: 2d8+Intelligence modifier damage
Effect: You upheave a solid wall of contiguous squares packed of stone and soil. Any creature adjacent to the wall at its creation will be considered a target of its initial attack. The wall blocks line of sight and prevents movement. No creature can enter a square containing the wall.
Special: As a standard action, a creature can attack one square of the wall. Each square has 15 hit points. If not destroyed, the wall is permanent.

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