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A humanoid bird people with strength enhanced by falling into a rage. Predator of the predators.

Racial Traits
Average Height: 6'6"-7'
Average Weight: 200-260 lbs.
Ability Scores: +2 Strength, +2 Wisdom or Intelligence
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Low-light
Languages: Common, Choice of one other
Skill Bonuses: +2 Endurance, +2 Perception
Rager: When you become bloodied, you gain a +2 bonus to your damage rolls.
Eagle: You gain the Last Rage racial power. You gain either the Bird's Eye or Maddening Flurry racial powers.

Last Rage Faltzar Racial Power
Just.. one... last... shot...
Immediate Interrupt Personal
Trigger: You drop to 0 hit points.
Effect: You make a basic attack.

Bird's Eye Faltzar Racial Power
You study your opponent's attack patterns, calculating where he will strike next at you.
Move Action Close burst 10
Target: One creature you can see in the burst.
Effect: You gain a +1 bonus to your AC and Reflex defenses against attacks from the target until the end of your next turn. If the target doesn't attack you during this period, you gain a +1 bonus to your next attack roll against that target.

Maddening Flurry Faltzar Racial Power
You summon all your strength, and strike your opponent with both of your claws, causing him to stumble back. Then you give a blood chilling bellow that belongs to those of the Faltzars.
Free Action Personal
Trigger: You hit a creature with a melee attack.
Target: The target of your attack.
Effect: The target is pushed 1 square. If the target can hear, it takes psychic damage equal to your Intelligence or Wisdom modifier.

Faltzars are an exotic race, though an unknown one. Only recently discovered, not much is known about their society. Many theories have come into being, formulating where they came from. One popular theory is that their god, Tzar had a war with his rival, Erathis. The war caused destruction upon the face of the land of their planet and Erathis, being angered that these creatures were so uncivilized, summoned all of her forces and made a desperate last attack against the Tzars, as the Faltzars were then known. She succeded in driving them off their home planet, but through the Far Realm, they sneaked into the material world, about at the same time as the dragonborns' empire collapsed. Tzar was the only one left on his planet, managing to neutralize Erathis's forces for the time. Because they had fallen from their home planet, Tzar called them Faltzars. Many a Faltzar has tried to break through the Far Realm to get back, but none have survived. Because they came through a rift in the Far Realm, many people view them as abberations. Will you be the hero to lead your people back to Tzar, just in time to save him, or will you turn your back on mankind and rule in evil?

Play a Faltzar if you want...

  • To be a people created in the image of their god.
  • To use brawn to defeat your enemies.
  • To be a member of a race that favors the Fighter, Barbarian, Wizard, and Cleric classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Faltzars are tall and strong humanoids. They have mouths, but cover them most of the time with a black cloth. Their feathers vary in color. Their feathers can be blue, red, purple, green, and, on occasion, black. The wing feathers are always tipped with gold or bluish-green colored stripes, however. Parents think that if their child is a Faltzar with black feathers, they believe that he is destined to an assassin's life and are often afraid for their lives, resulting in the child being abandoned. Their hands end in sharp claws that they attack people with. Their feet, though they look like sword blades, actually have joints. A Faltzar that is a newborn doesn't have wings, but as they progress into their teenage years, the wings become more physically developed. When Faltzars are about 22 years old, then their wings gain full functionability. Faltzars mature rather quick, becoming mature at the age of 15.

Playing a Faltzar[edit]

Faltzars are silent, cautious predators. They are often suspicious of people they don't know and hold themselves as the ultimate species. They are new to the Material Realm, and so are curious of other people. Faltzars do not take teasing jokes well, and often take it as a challenge. Despite these qualities, a Faltzar that is aquainted with his allies can take a joke and puts others before himself. Still, there is a longing desire to return to Tzar. A Faltzar's mind might wander during a conversation and he'll just dream about being with Tzar again. Faltzars die at the age of around 150 years old. If a Faltzar feels as though he is below par, he will strive diligently to achieve his goal.

Faltzar Characteristics: silent, cautious, suspicious, prideful, curious, diligent

Male Names: Tzar, Eagle, Hawk, Blade, Falcon, Throm, Ogmeq

Female Names: Cypress, Sparrow, Aolive, Quenisper, Lavina, Magnis

Faltzar Adventurers[edit]

Three sample Faltzar adventurers are described below.

Tzar is a Faltzar Warlord with red feathers. He was named Tzar after the god that created the Faltzar race. A mighty warrior in his clan, he excelled at tatics. He was often spoken with fear by other clans. Tzar's clan's land got increasingly larger as they conquered.

Then, they met a new threat. Tzar and his scouts, searching for a likely place to ambush a passing convoy had found a cavern. They went inside, the door closing behind them. Unable to get back out, they pressed onward. Many traps were sprung there, killing his companions. He was the last one alive. He found a door, marked with strange symbols. He opened the door and ran into a sacrifice ritual, conducted by the Yuan-Ti. He was able to kill some of them with his Fullblade, and then he locked in a battle with the head priest. He came out alive from that battle, narrowly. He now carries a mark, made by the priest after its defeat. It looks like a Shadow Snake, and the red part of his feathers turned black. He is able to disappear for a short time, but he tends to be more violent than he used to be, earning the disfellowship of all but one person of the clan. Now, he only has his friend, Black Falcon, to stay with him as he is exiled.

Black Falcon, a rare black Faltzar, is a Ranger, skilled in archery. His name, along with Tzar, is also a name spoken with fear. He was used as an hunter for his clan, whose name was the Yeorzar clan, in his spare time. His arcery skill is unmatched by any in the clans, as is his fierceness in battle with his swords. He was born with the Abberant mark of Contagion, a blessing, his clan says, by the god Tzar. He was not with his friend, Tzar, when he ran into the Yuan-ti. He was occupied hunting an Owl-bear. He had used all of his shots on it and it was still alive, forcing him to engage in hand-to-hand combat. He was a very graceful fighter, often dodging the bear, but had taken a bad gash in the right side of his face, causing it to scar. He lost the vision in his right eye, but somehow, he managed to hit his targets as he used to. When Tzar was exiled, Black Falcon also requested to be exiled. That wish was granted, and now Tzar and Black Falcon travel together, still the fierce warriors that have earned the respect of the other Faltzar clans. Now, their clan, the conquerers, have fallen, becoming slaves to the Quentzar clan.

Eagle is a Faltzar Battlemind, part of the Quentzar clan. He dedicated his youth to training to fight the Yeorzar clan. There were two names that he hated more than he feared: Tzar and Black Falcon. He specially trained to fight them, dedicating his psionic power toward offense than protecting others. The elder of his clan had a special assignment for him and his battlemind group. They needed to organize a convoy to protect the ambassador to form an alliance with the Baragius clan. They were in a forest when they ran into a group of Dragonborn.

"You can go no farther," the leader, a dragonborn with a skull tattooed into his face with plate armor.

Eagle, a hot-tempered teenager, drew his weapon, consequently challenging them to a fight which they lost. Eagle himself was taken prisoner. He was a prisoner for a week. Finally, in a rage, he snapped the ropes as if they were twigs and grasped their leader by the throat. The leader's gang members pulled out their spears and bows. An arrow flew through the air, striking one of the gang members, causing the others to look in the direction of the arrow. Eagle finished off the leader and leaped towards the next member. He looked in the direction of where some yelling came from, the yelling of an army. The gang members, stunned after the battle yell, then took off, leaving the remaining gang member in the hands of Eagle.

"Who're you?" Tzar asked to Eagle.

"My name's Eagle, and you?"

"I'm Tzar, and this is Black Falcon," Tzar replied.

Instantly, Eagle, finished with the gang member, flew to Tzar and punched him in the face and tripped him. Black Falcon quickly took aim and fired a warning shot into Eagle's arm. Black Falcon and Tzar took Eagle prisoner, but he escaped. After his escape, he made more plans to defeat Black Falcon and Tzar, forming pacts with the Yuan-ti.

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