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Faintly Accursed Origin[edit]

Your power comes from a curse cast on you or your family long ago that has since grown faint and fragmented. What little that remains of the curse flows through you in the form of various arcanums and physical artifacts, giving a glimpse of what you could have been. Your family could have been exposed to the curse long ago by a feral lycanthrope or similar being that attacked them, and genetics simply caused it to fade out. Your ancestors could have been hexed by a vengeful warlock, or similar low level caster. Or the curse could have been extremely weak and faint to begin with, perhaps more of a blessing than a curse. However it came to be, your body flickers and flashes with dark magics that are just waiting to be revealed.

Faintly Accursed Quirks (1d6)[edit]

These are pretty much just for flavoring your character, because a plain old "Oh, I'm kinda related to werewolves and sh!&t, neat." is really boring. Overall, these are just fun little flaws and personality traits you can give a PC or NPC with this subclass, or just any PC or NPC in general. Be creative! Don't just make a character for the fact that it has neat traits and abilities, make something you will truly like playing. But hey, what do I know, I'm just a wiki page :)

  1. When you have a small cut, such as a from a thorn or a miniature blade, you have a tendency to lick or suck the blood until it stops bleeding.
  2. You like to sleep at high altitudes, such as from tree branches.
  3. You gnaw on hard objects, such as small rocks or sticks, when stressed or bored.
  4. You get very easily lightheaded and dizzy when you move in the wrong positions.
  5. You have trouble expressing emotions in any way other than body language.
  6. Your back has a slight hunch, and you are very self-conscious about it.

Faintly Accursed Origin Features[edit]

Tainted Traces

Starting when you choose this origin at 1st level, remnants of the curse you once had show up on your body, giving you power. Choose from one of the following curses and gain its feature. At your option, you also might gain minor physical traits resembling the curse you have chosen, such as patches of hair for Lycanthropy or pale skin for Vampirism.

  • Hexblade Curse: You gain advantage on Constitution saves while within darkness
  • Lycanthropy: You can learn 2 Druid cantrips of your choice
  • Vampirism: You heal 1 Hit Point each time you cast a spell of 1st level or higher
  • Fiendish Hex: Your spell attacks all do an extra 1d4 Fire damage
Blood of the Wicked

Starting at 1st level, your cursed blood allows you to poison foes. If a hostile creature attacks you, you can use your reaction to create a thin mist of infected blood around you, causing the creature that attacked you as well as any other creatures within a radius of 20 feet to make a constitution saving throw. On a successful throw, nothing happens. On a failed save, they take 1d4 Poison damage and become Paralyzed for 1 round. Once you do so, you must finish a long rest before you can use this feature again.

Accursed Armament

Starting at 6th level, you have the ability to summon a weapon made purely from the magic within you. Once per day, as an action, you can spend 3 Sorcery Points and conjure a weapon you are proficient with (e.g. If you have proficiency with Simple weapons, you can conjure Simple weapons, if you are proficient with Martial weapons, you can conjure Martial weapons, etc.) into your hand for a duration of 1 hour or until it is dismissed. It deals damage with Constitution instead of Strength or Dexterity, and deals an additional 1d6 damage depending on the type of curse you have chosen. If the weapon conjured is a Ranged weapon, you can sacrifice a Hit Point or Sorcerery Point to generate ammunition for the weapon. use this feature, you cannot use it again until you finish a Long Rest.

  • Hexblade Curse: Necrotic
  • Lycanthropy: Magical Slashing
  • Vampirism: Cold
  • Fiendish Hex: Fire
Blood of the Phantasmal

At 14th level, your "Blood of the Wicked" feature can now be used twice per long rest, deals 1d8 rather than 1d4, and heals 3 Hit Points per use. Additionally, you can change the damage from Poison to your choice of different type of damage corresponding to the curse you have chosen.

  • Hexblade Curse: Necrotic or Magical Slashing
  • Lycanthropy: Magical Piercing, Slashing, or Bludgeoning
  • Vampirism: Cold or Psychic
  • Fiendish Hex: Fire or Acid
Visceral Forms

At 18th level, your curse grows eternally stronger, allowing you to tap into the beast within. Choose two from the following Visceral Forms. As an action, you can spend 4 Sorcery Points to temporarily transform into one of your chosen forms. The form lasts for 1 minute, and can't be dismissed until the duration is over. Once you use this feature, you must finish a long rest before you can use it again.

  • Bestial Form: You transform into any beast of CR 3 or lower, as if using Wild Shape. Your Claw/Bite/Misc. attacks count as magical and silvered weapons for the purpose of overcoming resistance, and you can still cast spells.
  • Psion Form: Your creature type is now Aberration. Upon killing a creature, you gain 1 Sorcery Point.
  • Jubilexian Form: Your creature type is now Ooze. You can attempt to hide when there is only small cracks or holes, and your Weapon and Spell Attacks reduce a target's AC by 2 on a Successful hit.
  • Undying Form: Your creature type is now Undead. Upon killing a creature, it returns as a mindless Undead creature that you can control. The undead creature dies permanently once this form ends, vaporizing into dust.

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