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Eggman Empire[edit]

Founded by Dr. Ivo Robotnik, who later took on the name Eggman, the Eggman empire consist of entire armies of robot soldiers. The goal of this empire is quite simple. Demolish the entire world, and build Eggman Land on top of it. While Eggman Land sounds like the silly name of an amusement park at first glance, it is actually the name of the empire that Eggman named after himself. It is meant to be viewed as the ultimate empire. In this land, the word of Eggman is law.

New weapons and powerful robots are being built by the Eggman Empire on a regular basis. Well known weapons of mass destruction include but are not limited to: The Egg Carrier, which is a massive flying fortress that is armed to the teeth with large, heavy weapons. The Death Egg, a space station, similar to the Space Colony ARK, only this time, it is made very clear that the purpose of this station is global conquest. And Metal Sonic, which is an insanely powerful mechanical hedgehog, meant to resemble the famous world renowned hero, Sonic the Hedgehog. Metal Sonic has intense speed as well as the ability to copy lifeform data from anyone he looks at.


G.U.N. stands for Guardian Units of Nations. They are a powerful military force and law enforcement agency who, similar to the Eggman Empire, uses a large amount of robot soldiers. Unlike the Eggman Empire however, G.U.N. does not use only robots, and also has human and mobian soldiers and spies. G.U.N. seeks to rid the world of any and all threats.

Gun has a vast amount of resources when it comes to weaponry and other assets. However, they are not always the most noble of people. It was at one point discovered that G.U.N. was responsible for the shut down of the Space Colony ARK when they were attempting to halt the creation of the ultimate lifeform, for fear that it's creator would misuse it. They kept that secret for 50 years, and when they were at risk of exposure, they chose to throw the world renown hero, Sonic the Hedgehog under the bus in order to keep their cover.

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