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This page refers to mostly Nations and Organizations. It explains each ones purpose and provides a bit of back information on each one. If you are looking for the way each of these Nations looka dn what may be located in them, please go to the Geography page.

Ruzari Orden of High Magik: World order of Magik.[edit]

The Ruzari Orden of High Magik is not only the leading order of Magik but a very powerful kingdom. The Ruzari Kingdom is adorned with white stone towers and archways. Many towers float in the sky to conserve space utilizing portals to jump to one area to another. Ruzari is the most ancient city of the world – founded at the dawn of time, it has survived and outlived throughout all the ages. The White Towers of Ruzari are the home to the Great Library which contains the biggest and most complete collection of writings on all things magikal.

In Ruzari Magik is a very common thing. In fact, it is required for children to have general education in Magik while being schooled in Ruzari. Since Magik is such a common thing in Ruzari most people who live there are always inclined to have some sort of magikal profession or magik related job. Ruzarians have been studying magik for many ages, and developed what is considered to be the most elegant, safest and most efficient way of doing magik. Ruzari school teach their spells as to be minimalistic, elegant, easy to remember, regular and guaranteed not to cause a breach.

The Ruzarian Orden is always at the forefront of the magical research. Within the Great Ruzarian Library is where most research is held and they always seek to innovate, optimize, stabilize and simplify ancient spells. While the bulk of the research is done at the Great Library in the heart of Ruzari, the orden has built a network of libraries and research outposts throughout the world. Most major cities in the world have their own White Towers district, complete with a library and magical portals leading back to Ruzari and their teaching facilities.

Citizenship in Ruzari is easily obtainable. All one needs to do is have the minimal magik schooling, to abide the laws of Ruzari, and to follow the rules of "The Oath". Children who are born in Ruzari become citizens after they complete their schooling and take "the Oath". The Orden is open and anyone can join and learn the Ruzarian High Magic. Once a citizen all facilities of magik are opened to you and you are also subject to their punishment if you break any laws or oaths. Most times when a law is broken the proper punishment (Usually incarceration) is carried out. On the other hand, most punishments for breaking an oath is punishable by death...

The full text of the oath will be recorded here:

  • A Magi swears to never willingly cause a breach in order to exploit the eldritch powers from the planes beyond. If casting a spell causes a breach by accident, a Magi agrees to submit himself to a tribunal of his peers which will determine whether or not his life is worth sparing, and if punishment lesser than death can be levied upon him.
  • A Magi swears not to extend anyone’s lifespan by the use of magic (especially one’s own). Ruzarianss believe that nothing good can come out of immortality. This rule has kept the Orden vital, and agile for many centuries now. Without immortal arch-magi at the helm, there is a high turnaround and lots of new ideas and new points of view which is great for research. It also makes the Orden appear humble, reasonable and responsible to outsiders which is very important for public relations. There is however unspoken agreement that Magi can keep themselves healthy and heal old age-related ailments. As long as a Magi ages outwardly at a normal pace and leaves the order at an acceptable age (so, around 90-100 years old for humans) they won’t be punished. Magi found “cheating” are usually given slap on the wrist, unless their infraction is very jarring and becomes a public controversy.
  • All Magi must swear never to power their spells via life force of living things. While living things are marvelous power-plants of coiled potential energy that could be pumped into a spell at a moment's notice, the practice of tapping or siphoning this energy is forbidden. The orden is very strict about this, and this rule doesn’t just cover sentient beings but all living things – including plants.

The orden is very academically oriented. Ruzarian Magi prefer not to involve themselves in wars or political struggles. Their aims are to study, improve and teach magik. The most prominent members of the order are not necessarily powerful and skilled spell casters but diligent researchers who have discovered new magikal paradigms or have proved old paradigms to be wrong or inefficient. There however exists a militant branch within the orden known only as Breach. This secretive sub-order attracts the less academic and more martial oriented magi. The official purpose of Breach is to find magikal breaches, close them and banish anything that might have crossed over to the physical world... Although they can be used for normal military needs such as defense in times of war. They also usually are tasked with capturing, and punishing those responsible for causing the breach and enforcing The Oath within the ranks of the order. While on duty, Breach Magi wear deep purple robes, and carry black wooden magi staffs which are both considered symbols of their status and authority. They are rarely seen in public like that, since most revert to the traditional muted white, blue, gray or pastel robes for their day-to-day activities. When on a mission they are said to be efficient, ruthless and disciplined fighting force. Their favorite tactic is to teleport in as a group, surrounding their target, and teleport back out mere seconds later leaving no trace at the scene.

Ruzarian Magi are more academically interested in study and not actual practice, therefore they would prefer to create theories rather than actually practice magik

If from the Ruzari Region you gain 2 more spells per day and 1 more known spell per level. You also gain a +2 in willpower and a +2 in the read magic skill.

Danarium Imperium: Agressively expansive empire.[edit]

Veridian Union: Communistic Socialists who believe everyone is equal and have a high industry. Population consists mostly of Dwarves.[edit]

Zarzuun: Desert Queendom, Enchanters and camels galore.[edit]

Orvasia: Kingdom of Resurection, Necromancers are supreme here.[edit]

Necropolis: Kingdom of the Dead, Arisen and other undead abominations are supreme here.[edit]

Kaluusk: Magik hating self reliant kingdom.[edit]

Runterhiem: Nordic barbarians, often raids others for self preservation.[edit]

Greenskin Horde: Largest gathering of greenskins ever recorded. Vows to make the world green.[edit]

The Greenskin Horde is less of a nation and more of... well... a horde. This collection of beasties includes, but is not only limited to: Goblins, Orks, Hobgoblins, Bugbears, Ourgs, Trolls, Ogres, Giants, and Wrags.

The Greenskins, just as every other nation, has a leader and ruling hierarchy. The leader of the writhing green hordes are usually the strongest and most clever greenskin. This leads to the possibility of leaders changing daily if if each leader is challenged and killed. Thankfully, for the sake of the greenskin nation (not such a great thing for anyone who is not a greenskin), the gods Bruuk and Braak created a new race to command their armies; the Ourg. The current leader of the greenskins is Big High War Chief Kardzag, the strongest and smartest of Ourgs and probably most other greenskin races. As strong and cunning as Kardzag is, even he cannot control the entirety of green chaos that is the Greenskin Horde. Therefor, Kardzag has Chieftains who answer directly to him. Think of them as Generals of his army. There are 7 Goblin Chieftains (Oddly enough), 4 Ork Chieftains, 3 Hobgoblin Chiftans, 3 Bugbear Chieftains, and 1 Ourg Chieftain all under Kardzag's command. Now with this many Chieftains, you could imagine the actual population of this "nation". each Chieftan holds power over a vast and powerful army of greenskins and each chieftain is strong enough to be called such.

Now that the ruling hierarchy has been covered, the religious hierarchy can be explained. Although Bruuk and Braak both still walk among their servants, they still have priests, or rather shamans, that commune their will across their armies. Bruuk and Braak are the rulers of the entire greenskin races, even overstepping the Ourg Big High War chief in power. Although No one can surpass kardzag other than the Twin Big High War Gods, Bruuk and Braak, there is still one who comes close to his equal. This being is called the High Shaman, the head religious adviser. Qwendral, the Goblin High Shaman is almost never far from Kardzag's side. She is always advising on what Karzag should do and always performs the highest of sacrafices to Bruuk and Braak while preforming mass war blessings for the greenskin troops. Shamans can not be replaced as easily as Chieftans so their is usually not a struggle for power amongst shamans. Shamans have many duties to preform daily and then must also advise Chieftans and do their bidding when called on. They are powerful in the divine power they are given and are dangerous when confronted.

There are many towns, cities, and kingdoms held by the greenskins, but it's capital is the vilest and greatest city held by them. It is home to the Big High War Chieftain and the High Shaman. Not only that but Bruuk and Braak often reside here when not commanding troops on the front lines of their conquest. Also residing here are the main spawning pits of the greenskins. Pits specifically for the purpose of breeding and training their offsprings for whichever purpose they are needed for (usually war).

Child life is difficult for greenskins and many do not live to adulthood. Training is harsh and food is always hard to come by, but not impossible to come by. Many weaker greenskins are eaten and forgotten about so as to feed the stronger ones so as to create stronger armies. This also works in the greenskins favor, though. This allows the greenskins to continuesly grow stronger every generation by killing of the weaker greenskins and allowing only the stronger ones to survive and potentially matting in the spawning pits.

(To be continued... massively)

Trilvaani Elves: Elves from the largest woodland in Valshock. Protectors of balance and nature.[edit]

Shadow Vale: The multiple kingdoms that have been created in the inner dark.[edit]


The Collective: Followers of the void, all corrupted by Vail. (primarily Void Elves)[edit]

The Council: Secret magikal society, often plays big parts on world endangering matters only.[edit]

Freeman's Coalition: Protectors of the innocent and primary resistance of the Greenskins.[edit]

Goblin Trade Union: Goblins who have abandoned military conquest and took up trade.[edit]

Coalition of Gear-workers (AKA: COG): Leading organization on scientific pursuits.[edit]

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