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Extended: This enhancement may only be applied to weapons with reach. Weapons with this enhancement increase their reach 5 feet. Small sized creatures and below cannot wield extended weapons.

Weapons that have a reach but are incapable of damaging opponents next to the individual wielding the weapon still cannot attack adjacent opponents. Weapons capable of attacking all within its range can attack the same range plus 5 feet. Treat this enhancement as if the space 5 feet from the wielder was extended out to 10 feet.

There is a strength requirement of x, where x is the reach of the weapon that is extended. Finesse weapons may use dexterity in place of strength. Each point below the requirement adds a -3 to attack rolls.

This enhancement can be applied a any number of times; however, this can only be done without penalty a number of times equal to the number of size tiers above small the character is (i.e. medium equals once, large twice, etc.). Each time after the safety limit causes a negative to attack rolls equal to the number of additional iterations of this enhancement, squared (i.e. a medium sized creature wielding a 2x extended weapon takes a -1 to attack rolls, a 3x extended weapon a -4 to attack rolls, and a 4x extended weapon a -9 to attack rolls). Note that the STR/DEX requirement still applies to the largest reach.

Faint Transmutation; CL 10th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Price +1 bonus.

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