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Skill Proficiencies: Choose two - Acrobatics, athletics, history, or survival

Languages: Two of your choice.

Tool Proficiencies: cartographer's tools, vehicles (land)

Equipment: a climber's kit, a grappling hook, a set of traveler's clothes, a belt pouch containing 10 gp, and a small telescope.


Explorers have few specializations. Most fall into the general idea of explorer, someone who goes into the wild and explores, but some have unique motives or goals. Here are some examples of explorer specialization.

d6 Specialization
1 Cartographer
2 Guide
3 Royal Explorer
4 Climber
5 Relic Hunter
6 Wilderness Investigator

Feature: Experience[edit]

You always know how to find water, food, and can make a shelter if the land provides, you have advantage on checks to gauge the value of an item.

Variant Explorer: Scout/Dexterous Explorer[edit]

The scout, or dexterous explorer is very much similar to the explorer, yet they lean towards dexterity as their main skill. They are proficient in Dexterity (Acrobatics) instead of Strength (Athletics) and can make Dexterity (Acrobatics) checks for any checks you make with your climber's kit or grappling hook.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

Explorers are highly varied in purpose, past, and path. Here are some basic ideas to help build a character with this background.

d8 Personality Trait
1 When I'm in the city, I'm quick-tempered and annoyed at everyone.
2 I always expect everyone to be as good as me at exploration and travel.
3 I jot down notes on everything I see in the wild.
4 Even when I'm not exploring, I delve into alleys and climb the tallest buildings in the city so I can get a little of what I love.
5 I don't really care about the beauty of the land, just the treasure hidden inside it.
6 I take every chance I have to have fun or feel exhilarated.
7 If I'm not exploring, I'm trading my relics and maps for whatever I can find.
8 When I'm in the wild, I'm calm and respectful to everyone.
d6 Ideal
1 People. I don't care for ideals, but for the people that help me with the thing I love. (Neutral)
2 Nature. While surrounded by nature, I have seen wonderful things and have had moments of serenity. (Good)
3 Live and Let Live. Exploration is dangerous, but I have accustomed myself to the laws of the wild. (Neutral)
4 Greed. The ancient artifacts that can be traded for a hefty cost are all I want from the land. (Evil)
5 Knowledge. Whenever I chart a new land or find a new thing, I feel more complete than I had before. (Lawful)
6 Freedom. When I explore and discover new lands, only then do I feel truly free. (Chaotic)
d6 Bond
1 I began a life of exploration at a young age. However, this came at the cost of leaving my noble family.
2 I found a dangerous relic of a fallen god on my travels, and must safeguard it for the rest of my life.
3 I will do anything to protect the wilds that I have come to love more than any city.
4 I left my companions to die when I could have sacrificed myself to save them. Now, I will only return to that life for something I truly believe in.
5 I would rather die than retire, my job is my life.
6 I get a blast of excitement whenever I discover something new.
d6 Flaw
1 I'm greedy as a goblin.
2 I act like I'm the most important member of the party.
3 I get overly excited easily.
4 Finding whatever I am looking for is more important than the lives of my friends.
5 Don't tell me what I can't do.
6 I fall in love very quickly.

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