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File:Expert Blacksmith.png
"All I need is myself, and... hammer." Alphonse the Expert Blacksmith


Experts are the craftsman, diplomats, crafty thieves, or even athletes of the world, very few experts are exactly alike in their talents, some and though they often have some skills in common, it's rare that they'll share the same array.

Making a Expert[edit]

Experts perform better outside the fights. They can be good diplomats,thiefs or watherver they want but they usually lack of strength, so uncommonly we see Expert Fighters.

Abilities: Intelligence is the only common trait that all experts share,all the other abilities should be decided in respect to class skills.

Races: The Experts are everyhere, so there isn't a specific race they prefer,but they are most Goblins, and Humans

Alignment: Any, though dependent on their skills they might be influenced one way or another, for example a diplomat expert might be more lawful, as he could well be in the employ of his country, or a noble. A character with Profession(Executioner) is likely to be lawful evil. One with Lucid Dreaming is more likely to be chaotic while Autohypnosis tends to lawful

Starting Gold: 5d4×10 gp (110gp). If you start at 5th level 5d6×10 gp (160gp). If you start at 10th level 5d8×10 gp (210gp). If you start at level 15th 5d12×10 gp (310gp). Regardless your start level, you get 50gp you can only spend in Tools and Skill kits

Starting Age: Moderate.

Table: The Expert

Hit Die: d6

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st +0 +0 +2 +2 Expertise, Bonus Feat, Blessed Brain, First Specialization
2nd +1 +0 + 3 +3 Skill Ability.
3rd +2 +1 +3 +3 Bonus Feat, Feat or Skill?
4th +2 +1 +4 +4 Skill Ability, Unstoppable Brain, Second Specialization
5th +3 +1 +4 +4 Bonus Feat
6th +4 +2 +5 +5 Skill Ability, Skilled Assistant.
7th +5 +2 +5 +5 Bonus Feat
8th +6/+1 +2 +6 +6 Skill Ability, Third Specialization
9th +6/+1 +3 +6 +6 Bonus Feat.
10th +7/+2 +3 +7 +7 Skill Ability.
11th +8/+3 +3 +7 +7 Bonus Feat.
12th + 9/+4 +4 +8 +8 Skill Ability, Skill Mastery, Fourth Skill Specialization
13th +9/+4 +4 +8 +8 Bonus Feat.
14th +10/+5 +4 +9 +9 Skill Ability.
15th +11/+6/+1 +5 +9 +9 Bonus Feat, Flawless Skill,
16th +12/+7/+2 +5 +10 +10 Skill Ability, Fifth Skill Specialization
17th +12/+7/+2 +5 +10 +10 Bonus feat.
18th +13/+8/+3 +6 +11 +11 Skill Ability
19th +14/+9/+4 +6 +11 +11 Bonus Feat
20th 15/+10/+5 +6 +12 +12 Skill Ability, Sixth Skill Specialization

Class Skills (10 + Int modifier per level, ×8 at 1st level)
Any Skills the players choice must be chosen at level one, these are the class skills for the expert and cannot be changed at a later point. (So he could also have all the skills as class skill if he spend at least 1 point on them)

Class Features[edit]

The Expert's Class Features are heavily based on his skills. All of the following are class features of the Expert.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Experts are proficient with simple weapons and with light armor. Experts are not proficent with shields of any kind.

Expertise: An Expert is a master of his arts, and gains a competence bonus to all class skills equal to his expert level.

Feat or Skill? From level 3, when you should get a feat, you may got a Skill Ability(check below) instead, and vice versa.

Blessed Brain Not all character can be an Expert, only the ones who have an high IQ,but that's not all, they need also to be reactive, fast thinkers and adapt theirselves to the events. If your races doesn't give you a +4 on Int and +4 on Wis, you may get it, and the difference between the previous bonus and the new one must be subtracted from another skill score (the prioirty goes on the other buffed score from the race) EXAMPLE: You choose the Drow Elf that gives you +2 DEX; +2 INT; +2 CHA; -2 COS. You may choose to have +4 INT; +4 WIS; -2 COS; -2 of your choice

Skilled Assistant: When an Expert of 6th level or higher uses the aid other action, to aid someone using one of his class skills, instead of a +2 Bonus, the Expert adds her ranks in that skill to the other character's roll.

Skill Mastery: At level 10 an Expert is so confident in the use of certain skills that she can use them reliably even under adverse conditions. She selects a number of skills equal to 1 + her Int modifier. When making a check with one of these skills, she can take 10 even if stress and distractions would normally prevent her from doing so.

Unstoppable Brain: At level 4, the Expert has been studying and observing everything arounf him, that his brain start improving; it doesn't stop thinking either when sleeping. Every time you can increase your Ability Scores, you can add +2 on INT or WIS instead of +1

Flawless Skill: At 15th Level, an Expert is no longer subject to penalties on class skills caused by mundane means, for example, armor check penalties would not apply, nor would penalties involving a naturally low ability score. However, penalties caused by magic, negative levels, or other supernatural effects continue to affect the Expert.


First Specialization - Knowledge specialization

Factotum: (Requires all the skill as class skill) The jobs, duirng your life, have forged your brain. Consider your amount of skill points equal to (10+INT+WIS) for all the purpose, also first level.

Talented: (Requires to have at least 2 feats) The Expert gains 1 extra feet on 5th, 10th, 15th, 20 th levels, and you may avoid one of the prerequisites to achieve them.

Skill-Shape (Requires at least 10 on 4 stats and 20 on the other 2) The Expert can use a different modifier for his skills. STR can be used instead of COS or DEX, COS can be used instead of STR, DEX can be used isntead of STR, WIS can be used instead of CHA and INT, INT can be used instead of WIS. CHA can be used instead of 5 skill of your choice. You cam choose only one of them.

Second Specialization - Divination Specialization (There aren't prerequisites)

Omnious Dream Whenever you sleep for 4 or more hours, you'll have an Omnius Dream. Roll a d100 and your DM will do the same, if your roll is better than the master tham, what described in your dream will be real. Once a week you'll have for sure an Omnius Dream, so if the past 6 days you haven't done one, you'll do it for sure. N.B. the DM can also choose to take a 1, and let you get an Omnious Dream at 100%.

Soothsayer (INT modifier) times a day you can see up to 6 seconds in the future, and you may change it, this is a swift action. You can also use this effect two times to see up to 12 sec, and so on. Examples: 1)You use this ability, and say you want to do a skill check, you aren't satisfied from the result, so you can do another check. 2)You use this ability at the end of your round, the enemy roll the die to hit you, if you get hitted you could let him reroll it. 3) Try to be creative. N.B. If you get a worse roll on the second roll, you must use it.

Psychic (INT modifier) times a day you can see and hear what's happening somewhere you know or is logical (For example behind a door). It works as Clairvoyance and Clairaudience except it can't be dispelled and lasts 1 minute always.

Third Specialization - Job Specialization (There aren't prerequisites)

Crafter All the items you create are of an extraordinary quality, they get the following bonus: +2 bonus Armor, +2 attack and damage, +4 hardness, better effects or durability on potions and so on.

Worker You are an hard-worker and all are glad to work with you, the Professions checks let you gain twice the money and you find work easier.

Entertainer People are charmed from your street job, and love you, when you use perform skill check, you charme the people.

Fourth Specialization - Combat Specialization

Power (Your Hit Die will become a d4 and lose 12 HP) You have studied the powers of the psionist, achieving them . From now on you can use the Psionic Powers and your Power Points will be equal to a Psion (Psion class) of your level N.B. You'll not get the Psion sub-race but you can still achieve psion feats.

Spells (Requires 24 on at least one of the following ability Charisma, Intelligence, Wisdom) You may spontaneously cast spells you know. You are considered to be of your Expert level for the purposes of caster level and use your highest mental stat for Expert spellcasting. You may cast spells of a level equal to your caster level. You do not get base spells per day but do gain bonus spells from your highest mental stat. You gain a number of zero level bonus spells per day equal to three times the number of bonus first level spells.

Martial Combatant (Requires at least 20 on two of the following abilities Costitution, Strength, Decterity) Your expert base attack bonus increase to match the Fighter one. The Hit Die increase to d8. The expert gets proficiency in: Simple and Martial weapon, all armor and shields. The expert learns also 2 maneuvers.

Fifth Specialization - Sixth Specialization

Due to OP features, we are rewriting those ones 01/07/2018

Skill Specialization[edit]

Every second level, an expert selects from the following list, any skill from the list of skill he have chosen at lvl 1 to gain the ability it's give. You can aquire only one specialization per skill, but every three levels, you get a secondary specialization, that let you get a skill specialization in a skill you have already taken a skill specialization. Whenever you take a Skill Specialization, the relative skill will get a +2 bonus and whenever you take a secondary specialization will not have a max rank anymore. N.B. when something will ask your max rank on something, in that skill will be always verified


Meditation As a move action, you may calm your mind and prepare your body for impact. You convert damage equal to your Wisdom modifier taken this round to non-lethal damage. You may meditate for half of your normal resting time to be considered fully rested. You are considered awake and alert during this time.

Eidetic Memory You may memorize magical and exotic text with autohypnosis. The DC to memorize, forget or recall spells is 15+spell level. You may only memorize a number of spell levels up to your wisdom modifier(zero level spells count as half). This does not give you spell casting ability nor does it increase the number of spells per day. It does, however, add to spells known and forego the requirement of a spell book for a select few spells so long as you make the check to recall the spell.


Time Forged (Requires at least 20 on Wisdom and Intelligence) You always scan the world around you, you know what is real and what isn't . You add your Wisdom modifier to your Appraise modifier. You always know what time is it (ALWAYS) and the weather within next 24h (if you can see the sky).

Scanner Once per round (Always out of combat) as a free action, you may do an Appraise check to determine the properties of an item, object or creature (DC equal to 20+1 for each special properties+1 for each enchantment Example You use this ability on a Kobold, you'll know some of his stats like DEX, STR etc. or his CA, his HP, this will be decied by ur DM. You use this ability on a Poison Longsword, the DC will be 21.


Avoid Fall (Requires max ranks on Tumble) When you would be tripped, or fall from a height such as a building roof, (but not when you are dropped by a flying creature, or in a similar situation) you can make a (possibly extra) Balance check, to avoid the fall, The DC for this ability is equal to the attack roll made to trip you, or in the case of falls, it is 15, this DC increases by +2 for slippery surfaces.

Flat-Foot Evasion (Requires to be small or bigger size) When you would be Flat-Footed, you can make a DC 15 Balance check to retain your dexterity bonus to armor, and not be treated as being flat-footed.


Unfair (Requires at least 20 ranks on Bluff) You learn to trick enemies into attacking you, so you can attack their weak spot. You may choose to do an "unfair attack" (standard action), change your BAB with the Ranks you have in Bluff and roll for the attack, if you pass the AC, then do a Bluff check (the DC is the enemy AC+ its Wisdom modifier) if you pass this too you can roll the damage of your weapon and add a bonus damage equal to your bonus on Bluff(this stacks with crit +1). If you fail one of them, you get an opportunity attack.

Locke (Requires at least 20 on Intelligence) During your studies you have learned that, similar event causes similar principles. During these years you have bluffed so much that you already know how you could cheat on someone. You gain +2 on Bluff skill checks and you add your Intelligence modifier to it.


•Climbing Strike (Requires 12 BAB) You can attempt to climb onto an opponent of a larger size then yourself as a move action, make a climb check, opposed by a strength check from your opponent, if you succeed, then all attacks you make against that opponent are treated as touch attacks, and all critical threats against them automatically confirm for the remainder of the turn, afterward, you drop from the opponent and return to your original square.

Climbing Hand (Requires max ranks in Handle Animal, Climb and at least 12 on Strength) You can climb with your hands and nail. You can add your Wisdom modifier to Climb checks.


Mimic (Requires at least 18 on Wisdom and Intelligence) When a creature within 30 feet of you uses an extraordinary ability (for example Barbarian Rage or Bardic Song), you may do a Concentration check (DC 10+2×Creature Level- Your Expert Level). If you succed you may use that ability (once for every 5 level of Expert) during the week. You still need the property anatomy and instrument (if needed) to use the ability

Focussed Assault (Requires at least 10 BAB) When you make multiple attacks, you may declare it is a focussed assault, instead to roll the die for every attack you'll roll once and it will be the result for every attack (Also crits). You'll have to do a Concentration check (DC 20+BAB). If you succed yoor attacks will all be with the max BAB, if you fail, they'll be all with the lesser BAB.


Bob or Ralph? (Requires at least 4 Craft skill as class skill) Whenever you attempt to repair something, if the "DC-5" is lesser than your Craft(Item repairing) Bonus, you can repair it withot rolling the die and in half time.

Forger (Requires max rank on Appraise) All items you create are of good quality, they gain one of the following bonus: +1 attack and damage and +2 Hardness, +1 bonus to armor and -2 to the penality, +4 Hardness, -4 to the penality. Example: If the penality was -3, it will be -1.

Decipher Script

Linguist (Requires at least 24 on Intelligence) From now on, you know all the lamguages of the world except the crypted ones.

Decoder (Requires max rank on Decipher Script) You have deciphered a lot of cripted languages, so you get a +5 on Decipher Script.


Persuasive speaker (Requires max ranks on Diplomacy)You may mimic the effects of a suggestion spell as a standard action extraordinary ability with a DC equal to your diplomacy check. This ability is usable 2×CHA modifier times a day

Glorious Speech (Requires max ranks on Diplomacy and at least 16-20-24 on Charisma, Intelligence, Wisdom, in the order you prefer) (Expert level/5)Times a day, when you aren't in combat, and you are attempting to do a Diplomacy check, the creatures you were interacting with must do a Diplomacy check (CD 10+Your bonus on Diplomacy), if they fail they'll listen your words and will follow them (Warning: You can't ask money, item if they didn't stole them fromyou, you may also use this action to ask help or peace. But the DM can choose to let you use it for many uses, so also asking money)

Cicerone (Requires maximum ranks in Perform(Oratory), Dipolamacy and Knowledge(History)) You can use Diplomacy also on aggressive creature and use it also in combat. It requires a full round and can be used once per fight. If you fail the Diplomacy check you get focussed by the enemies for 5 rounds indipentenlty from the situation.

Disable Device

Disable Mechanism (Requires max ranks in Disable Device) When in melee combat with a creature you can attempt to disable any weapon, or gear the target has that works with a system that is entirely manual, for example a crossbow, or a locked gauntlet, the DC for this check is 15, +1 for each point of enchantment bonus on the item, if you succeed, that item becomes useless until it is repaired.

Fast Disable (Requires max ranks on Disable Device) Whenever you succed a Disable Device check, you disable it in half time.


Actor (Requires max ranks on Perform(Actor)) When you disguise yourself you don't change only your aspect, but also your voice.

Escape Artist

Escape Flanking (Requires max ranks on Escape Artist) When you are being flanked, and you successfully attack one of your flankers, you can switch places with them by making an escape artist check opposed to their strength check.

All Calculated (Requires at least 20 on Wisdom) When you attempt for a Escape Artist check, you can add your Wisdom modifier.


Duplicate Expert has trained for a long time on doubling coins,signatures and other objects. All the Appraise check on the doublets of the Expert have a +10 on CD.

Gather Information

Fast Gatherer (Requires max ranks in Gather Information) You already know to who you have to ask for some type of information, you Gather Information in half time.

Buy Information (Requires Chaotic alignment) All know something and that information can be very useful to someone. When gathering Information you may pay to get it without rolling the check.

Handle Animal

Animal Companion You may win the loyalty of an animal. The ability functions only if you actually wish to be the animal's friend. If the you are not willing to treat the animal as a friend, this ability fails. An animal's loyalty is natural and lasting. You may teach the befriended animal three simple, specific tricks or tasks for each point of Intelligence it possesses. At most, you can have animal friends whose Hit Dice total no more than your character level, if not exceeding this amount, you can have also more than one companion. You may dismiss animal friends to enable the befriending of new ones.

Familiar You may gain a familiar as a sorcerer. Use your expert class levels to determine advancement. You must have the Spells class feature to take this ability.


Doctor (Requires max ranks on Heal) You may convert lethal damage into non-lethal damage with a successful heal check equal to 10+ the damage done as a standard action. You may also add your heal ranks to healing done by items you make and items you use or apply.


Hide in Plain Sight (Requies Medium or smaller size) You gain the ability to hide in plain sight.

•Surprise Attack (Requires max ranks on Hide) When you make an attack of opportunity while hidden or on an opponent who doesn't gain his Dex Bonus to AC, you deal extra damage equal to 1D4 per skill ability you have. This ability is treated as Sneak attack for the purpose of qualifying for feats, prestige classes, et cetera.


Threatening Stance (Requires max ranks on Intimidate) You assume a stance that one foe of your choice finds intimidating, make an intimidate check, if you succeed, then the opponent is effected as though by the fear spell.

Cause Flinch (Requires max ranks on Intimidate) When you threaten an opponent who attempts to make an action other then attacking you, you can make an intimidate check to cause him to flinch and automatically fail that action.

Two for Flinching (Requires max ranks on Intimidate) When you attack your opponent with a melee weapon and miss, make an intimidate check, if you succeed, then you may make another attack on the target. You can not use this ability more than once per round.

Domination (Requires max ranks on Intimidate) You may create the effects of command spell as a standard action extraordinary ability with a DC equal to your intimidation check. This ability is usable Cha times per day.


Jump Blow When an opponent hits you, you may make a jump check, if the result is higher then the result of the opponents attack roll, then you jump and avoid the attack however get -2 to AC for all other attacks against you that round. You cannot use this ability when you are flat footed and may only use it once per round.

Leaping Charge You can charge an opponent, even if a creature blocks your way, but, you must make a Jump check to jump over that creature DC 15 for a creature of your size(generally medium), this decreases by 5 for each size below your size, and increases for each size above your size.


Unlimited Knowledge (Requires all the Knowledge skill as class skill) Whenever you take a rank on a Knowledge skill ability, you can add one rank in other 4 Knowledge skill.

(Arcana)Arcane Studies (Requires "Spell" skill ability) You may add spells from the universal school and from one additional school of magic to your spells known totaling your intellect modifier in spells per spell level.

(Nature)Druidic Readings (Requires "Spell" skill ability)You add three of the following domains to your spells known, but not the granted powers. Animal, Plant, Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Healing, Sun.

•(Religion)Theology Major (Requires to not be good alignment) You add one domain to your spells known in addition to the granted power. Furthermore you are now able to turn/rebuke undead charisma modifier times per day.


Anti-Deaf (Requires Ears) Your hearing has improved to the point , you can't be deaf, also if your ears get cut.

Move Silently

Stealthy Step (Requires max rank in Handle Animal) You have been a lot of time with wild animals, learning their hunting steps, you can add your Wisdom modifier to Move silently checks.

Quiet Feet (Requires at least 20 on Dexterity) You don't get penalities from the surface.

Open Lock

BlackSmith (Requires at least 20 ranks on 2 Craft skill) You have crafted a lot of lock that you know perfectly how they work, you add your Intelligence modifier to it.

BlackSmith II (Requires at least 20 ranks on 2 Craft skill) You cannot break the locks while trying to lockpicking them.


Distract Foe (Requires at least 14 on Charisma) Any time you would get an attack of opportunity, you may instead attempt to distract the foe and end his turn immediately, by making a perform check, opposed by his concentration.

(Any Music)Bardic Song (Requires Proficiency with at least one instrument) If you beat a DC 20 perform check, you may choose one 0 level bard spell to be cast at the beginning of your next turn after one full round action. The spell shape is essentially considered a blast(radiating 30 ft from the caster reflex DC 10+Cha+Expert Level for voided or halved effect). You may not take any further actions while performing apart from a 5 ft step. This uses your charisma as your primary spellcasting stat and you are considered caster level one unless altered by the Spells class feature.

Trobadore (Requires Proficiency with at least one instrument) You become expert in using stringed instrument, singing and telling story. You can also learn playing every type of instrment in a low time(from 1h to 7 days).

Street Artist (Requires max ranks on all your Perform skill) Whenever you do an exhibition, you 'll three times the amount of money you would have got.


Searching Job (Requires at least 14 on Charisma) You may attempt a Profession check with the lesser bonus of all your Profession skills, to find a new job.

Master (Requires max ranks on all the professions you have) You work perfectly, and everybody loves it. From now on the gold you'll get with your profession is 1/10 of your Profession skill check/Hour. This could be more dependently from the DM.


Psionic Feat (Requires "Power" skill ability) You get 3 psionic feat.


Animal Empathy (Requires max ranks in Handle Animal) When you are battling on your mount, when you attack, you can make your mount attack too (If he can). You can always guide your mount with knees.

Concentration Riding (Requires "Spells" skill ability) When you are riding your mount, you can also cast spell from now on.


6th Sense (Requires at least 10 on all stats) Your senses have improved so much, developing a "sixth sense", you already know where to search something and you imagine where it could be. You add your Wisdom modifier to Search skill check and add a +2 for every 5 ranks on Spot skill.

Rogue Apprentice (Requires to not multiclass) Now you can do all the rogue skill like things (For example searching a magic trap).

Sense Motive

I'm the one who bluff (Requires a total bonus of +25 on Bluff) You know perfectly how to bluff so you may able to understand the real intention of an person. For every 6 bonus on Bluff you add 1 bonus to Sense Motive skill check.

Let's be sure (Requires at least 18 on Wisdom) After you have attempted a Sense Motive check, before the DM descibe what happens, you may roll for another check, you can decide which of the rolls use.

Sleight of Hand

Insightfulness (Requires at least 20 on Wisdom)You always know when is the right moment to act. You add your Wisdom modifier to the Sleight of Hand skill check.

Nothing is what it appears to be (Requires max ranks on Bluff) If you fail a Sleight of hand check, you may attempt a bluff check without penalities to prove your innocence.

Fast Combat (Requires at least 20 on Dexterity and 14 o Strength) You can always extract your weapons as a free action


Spell Mimic (Requires "Spell" skill ability) Whenever someone cast a spell within 30 feet from you, you may attempt a Spellcraft check to understand the spell and learn it (CD based on DM).


Reading Lips (Requires max ranks on Spot) You may attempt a Spot check to read the lips of someone within 120 feet from you without penalty and with a bonus of +2.

True Sight (Requires max ranks on Spot) You can see the invisble creatures within 20 feet from you and the DC to defeat illusion or see invisble inanimate object is halved.


Scholar(Requires at least 20 on Intelligence) In the nature the most important things are your senses, but also what you have studied could help you to survive. You can add your Intelligence modifier to all Survival skill checks.

Hunter (Requires max ranks on Survival) You have been hunting for a lot. You can always identify the race of the creature by her tracks. Also if some of the tracks are lost, you can keep following them if they were left in the last 24h.


Salmon (Requires max ranks on Survival and Chaotic Allignment) You can attempt to swim up a waterfall easier than the 99,9% of the people.

FishMan (Requires max ranks on Swim) You are more confident in the water than in on the land. Your base speed swimming is 2 times your base speed on land. When attempting to swim, the penalty from the armor isn't doubled.


Evasive Maneuvers(Requires at least 18 on Dexterity and 14 on Strength) You gain evasion and uncanny dodge

Lighting Steps (Requires at least 20 on Dexterity)You can cross difficult terrain without penalty and use your move action to cross liquid (If you end your turn on a liquid, you'll fall down).

Winged Foot (Requires at least 24 on Dexterity)Whenever you attempt to reduce your fall damage, reduce the lenght fall of 5m.

Use Magic Device

Spell Reading (Requires Spells skill ability) You may take a full round action to cast a spell from a readily available source material(spell book, scroll etc.) with a use magic device (Biggest DC between 30 or Level of the spell^2) . This does not consume the source material and is cast as though with the eschew materials feat though all other components must be provided including any time in excess of a full round action that the spell normally requires.

Gadget Efficiency (Requires max ranks on Use Magic Device) When you Use Magic Device, before doing it, you could attempt a Major Use Magic Device (DC 10+the normal DC), if you succed it, the effect of the device will be amplified.

Wand Master (Requires max ranks on Craft(Wands)) You get a free wand with 2×charges, from now on all the Wands you'll craft will have 2×charges. N.B. You can't sell the free wand and you always know where it is, also when it will turn in a normal stick.

Free Wand
d8 Wand
1 You got a "Magical Stick"
2-5 You got a Minor Wand
6-7 You got a Medium Wans
8 You got a Major Wand

The DM will decide what is the Magical Stick. Check the possible powers of the Wands

Use Psionic Device

Psionic Efficiency (Requires max ranks on Use Psionic Device) When you Use Psionic Device, before doing it, you could attempt a Major Use Psionic Device (DC 10+the normal DC), if you succed it, the effect of the device will be amplified.

From Magic to Psionic (Requires Psionic affinity feat) Your power can transform magic device in Psionic device by touching them.

Use Rope

Saver (Requires at least 16 on Constitution and 16 on Dexterity) When bound with someone, you can Use Rope without penalty.

Cowboy (Requires at least 16 on Dexterity and max ranks on Use Rope) You can attempt a Grappling hook on all the creature's sizes (DC 20+15 for every size far from the Medium Size).

Epic Experts[edit]

Table: The Epic Expert

Hit Die: d6

Level Special
21st Bonus Feat, Improved Skill Mastery.
22nd Skill Ability.
23rd Bonus Feat, Improved Skill Mastery.
24th Skill Ability.
25th Improved Intelligent Expert
26th Bonus Feat, Skill Ability
27th Improved Skill Mastery
28th Skill Ability
29th Bonus Feat.
30th Skill Ability, Fifth Specialization.

12 + Int modifier skill points per level.

Improved Skill Mastery: An Expert may master a single class skill she already has skill mastery in allowing her to take 20 even when under duress.

Improved Skill Expert: Beginning at 25th level an Expert gains a bonus on class skill checks equal to her Int modifier×1.5.

Epic Expert Bonus Feat List: The bonus feats are no longer limited to skill feats and may now include epic feats from any of the classes the expert might emulate.

Instead of following a sample. invent your own expertise, He is one of the most adaptable class.[edit]

Playing a Expert[edit]

Religion: Experts are a mix lot of many different walks of life and equally varied religious outlooks. However as experts are the most common class to be craftsmen, a large portion of experts worship gods with the creation, fabrication and artifice domains.

Other Classes: Again, because of the variety present with experts, it is difficult to pin point exactly how each combination would react with other classes. For the most part, the regular spellcasters do not like spellcasting experts, wizards see them as undisciplined, sorcerers see them as weak and clerics see them as heritics for twisting divine spells to arcane ends. The secondary casters have much better relations with expert casters, especially bards. Stealth combat experts have similar relations as rogues do and crafters are fairly well liked by all, however their combat ability might be somewhat lacking.

Combat:Experts can fill several different roles, but are mostly support.

Advancement: They want to get an unlimited knowledge so they could opt to multiclass in all the Arcane classes.

Experts in the World[edit]

If there is something you can't do, start studying it
—Kosuke, the Goblin Expert

Daily Life: Typically and expert will spend the day performing and soliciting his craft, selling arms, performing on the street, shipping cargo across the seas or selling potions and spells. It all depends upon what the expert's focus is.

Organizations:Due to their wide array of professions and skill sets, experts as a whole do not have a common organization, however many of them are a part of merchant's guild if available in their town.

NPC Reactions: It depends on the expertise specializations, for example a Craft specialized Expert would be trated as a Mercahnt

Experts Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in Knowledge(Histiory) can research Experts to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

DC Result
5 You dont know anything about him
15 You have heard some stories about him somewhere
20 You know where he comes from, who is his family etc.
30 You know all the travels he has done until now

Experts in the Game[edit]

They are the perfect support for every situation, except healing

Adaptation: He could be player like a thief without his DMG but with better skill checks, or like a diplomat Bard

Sample Encounter: You can see them during your trip or in Small/Medium Towns ehe re they are working to learn more.

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