Exalted Wild Intelligence (3.5e Feat)

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Exalted Wild Intelligence [Feat Types (General, Wild Feat,Exalted)][edit]

Your wisdom increases your intelligence
Prerequisite: Wis +18, Character level 5th, Spellcaster level 5, total ranks of 8 in any Knowledge, total ranks of 10 in any WIS Skills.
Benefit: You get +2 on Wisdom score and you can combine your WIS-mod. with your INT mod. for a skill check(2 / day or after a long rest).
Normal: You usually cannot combine your wisdom score with your intelligence score.
Special: You can equate your intelligence score with your wisdom score. If your wisdom score changes, it also affects your intelligence scroe. However, you can no longer increase your intelligence score in any other way (except through Wisdom buff).

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