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You where raised by vampires for the most part. Maybe you were kidnapped very early on or you ran away from home and found yourself in their midst. They kept you as a steady, easy, readily available snack. Effectively a house pet with all the benefits that entails. Through the years you learned to love their your place as the house pet even going so far as to develop a sense of pleasure when ever you were bitten. You may have been well kept or badly kept. you may have been given extra roles in the house, such as entertainer or medic.

  • You were the child the vampire could never have,
  • You were a lone vampires precious house pet,
  • You were the cheerful house pet of the clan house,
  • You were one of many feeding sources distributed amongst the clan,
  • you used to be the errand boy for the clan's day time tasks,
  • You were trained to be a fighter, like a bred dog for sport.

no matter the history, those days are long gone. You eventually found yourself alone in a vast world, longing for the days of old.

Skill Proficiencies: Insight and Performance or Persuasion and Deception

Tool Proficiencies: Gaming set and any single musical instrument or Disguise kit and Forgery kit

Languages: Whatever your previous master/mistress spoke.

Equipment: 2 daggers, light leather, a set of Fine clothes, a small pouch containing 10gp, a signet ring with your previous clan's emblem, a light cloak, a bedroll, and a scroll of pedigree

The Mark[edit]

When a mortal is taken in by vampires, they need to be branded, for their safety. You are no exception.

d6 Brands
1 A Tattoo somewhere on your body
2 A branding of some sort on your body
3 A Piercing of some kind on your body
4 A tinting of the eyes
5 A patch of ritualistic scarring of some sort and size
6 A deep, near-unbreakable Pavlovian trigger embedded in your psyche that commands you to recite your clan's name when asked.

The Blood Sucker's Aura[edit]

You have spent so long among vampires you can mimic their beguiling charm or intimidating presence. You can either make the people in your surroundings feel relaxed, at ease, trusting, or anxious, jumpy, and wary.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d8 Personality Trait
1 I ask a lot of questions
2 I am mute most of the time except when I find it beneficial to speak.
3 I speak with a high noble's accent.
4 I like to share my emotions with others, when happy I make others happy, when sad I make others sad
5 I am too innocent for my own good, I tend not to catch lies when they are told, even obvious ones.
6 I love a good fight, especially with people stronger then me.
7 I'm utterly infatuated with being bitten by vampires.(vampire centric)
8 I tend to let my desires get the best of me, often at the expense of my party.
d6 Ideal
1 Insatiable Curiosity: I want to know everything.(Neutral)
2 Tradition: I follow the traditions of my previous clan.(Any)
3 Honor bound: I will bring honor to my previous clan.(Any)
4 Creativity: I view life as a game, and act accordingly.(Chaotic)
5 Friendly: I like making friends where ever I go.(Good)
6 Scorned: The world is cruel and unforgiving, and I reflect this cruelty back at others.(Evil)
d6 Bond
1 I owe everything to my mentor. - who is/was a vampire.
2 I caused the destruction of my clan through my stupidity, I live only to right my mistake.
3 My instrument is my most prized possession.
4 I would do anything for the members of my previous clan.
5 All I have left of my former life is this ring.
6 I know a great many secrets about vampire society thanks to my previous life.
d6 Flaw
1 I put too much trust in those who wield/ed power within my clan hierarchy.
2 I am prone to trusting the wrong kind of people.
3 I tend to be distrustful of those who mean me well or have my best intentions at heart.
4 I am unusually cheerful around people who obviously don't want me there.
5 I am prone to random bouts of narcolepsy in daylight.
6 I still worship the deity of my vampiric heritage and actively shun all other religions.

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