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An adamantine barrel of apparently flaming alchemist's alchohol that flies to a designated area, explodes without needing lighting, hits only your enemies then returns to you.

  • You can send this barrel to 100 ft away as a standard action as long as there are no physical barriers. You don't need line of sight, but the barrel will not fly if there are unseen barriers.
  • When it reaches the designated place, it explodes in a flaming ball, dealing 8d6 to all within 10 ft of the explosion, 6d6 to within 30 ft, and 4d6 to within 100 ft. This explosion only affects enemies.
  • This explosion, unlike a fireball, creates a large amount of pressure and knocks all targets back for 1/3 of the damage they take. Like a fireball, this fire can melt low melting point metals.
  • The barrel then reappears next to you, ready to use immediately.

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