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the Ett are a strange race of scientists and warriors. At least, that's the face they put out to the rest of the galaxy. Their favorite "experiment" is to land troops on a foreign planet in their strange "Orb Ships" and kill a couple hundred individuals before leaving, just to see the inhabitant's reactions.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 strength, -2 constitution, +4 intelligence, +2 wisdom.
  • Medium Humanoid (Ett).
  • Ett base land speed is 20 ft.
  • low-light vision.
  • Racial Division: Ett are divided on two planets. Ett from Geinas gain Cold and Electricity resistance 10 and a +4 racial bonus on saving throws made in a cold environment, while Ett from Fierlis gain Acid and Fire resistance 10 and a +4 racial bonus on saving throws made in a hot environment. Choose one at creation.
  • +4 racial bonus on listen, spot and search checks. +2 racial bonus on intimidate checks.
  • Ett are proficient with all Ett Weapons.
  • Automatic Languages: Geinasian, Feirlisian. Bonus languages: any.
  • Favored Class: Strong Hero or Smart Hero
  • LA: +2

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