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Religion in Eris[edit]

Antenids and Leonids[edit]



Cultures of Eris[edit]


Nation of the Leonids, who trace their heritage back to Reus Leonidas who whas said to have been raised by a pride of Lions in the valley where the city he founded (Leona) now stands. though, that was nearly 900 years ago... now Leona and her sister city, Rhea... along with the Antenids stand in imminent danger of being conquered by the Xeran army.


Members of the nation Antenos refer to themselves as Antenids when not refering to the city-state of their origin. They value art and culture of all forms, almost to a fault, fortunately their Leonid cousins generally back them up when in a crisis. The Antenids are generally polytheistic, sharing their religion with the Leonids. Their customs are somewhat Greco-roman in nature.


The Trebonian Federation has lasted almost as long as the Leonids. Dating back 750 years, Trebonia was origionally a tribe of wandering herdsmen, who came upon an outcast Leonid Warrior, named Severus Trebonas, whom they took into their fold, though wearily. Then, when the cheiftain's daughters were kidnapped, he lead a band of men to rescue them... and did so with great success. after this, the cheiftain gave Severus his eldest daughter in marriage, and hus making him the heir to the tribal leadership. After his Father-in-Law passed, and Severus took the cheiftainship, Trebonas lead his new people to a fertile land to the west and they settled there, by the end of his reign, for more tribes had joined with him.


Little is known of the Xeran Empire, only that they rule the eastern part of known Eris. It is said that theirs is an immortal army, whose march causes the grond to tremble for miles around. It is also said that they have no gods, no objects of worship, on conquest, and that their warriors drink not water, but the blood of their enemies. Their leader, Prax, Has made it clear that he intends to attack the Leonids, and after crushing them, to continue his bloody march west.


The Madir tribe is a largely Agnostic group within the Xeran Empire, they are composed mostly of gnomes, who focus more on tech than on faith. Drow elves, who inhabit the caverns of the Madir Tribe's territory, also subscribe to this agnostic view, as it makes them feel more liberated from the moralities that would be placed upon them by more theisticaly-driven tribes.


The Hassan are very superstitious and follow a religious tradition similar to that of voodoo or wicca. Their magic users are largely druids and those who choose to take the path of becoming a wizard are considered to be dead to their tribe. This is due to the fact that the methods of training the powers of wizards is considered by the elders to be unnatural and thus immoral. Monks are also very uncommon simply because of the nomadic and unstructured nature of the Hassan. Clerics from the Hassan tribe tend to be more combat focused. Some of the strongest rangers and druids of the Xeran Empire come from the Hassan tribe.

The Hassan tribe exists as a federation of clans united by the Clan Hassan. There is still feuding and squabbling between the multiple clans of the Hassan, namely the al'Quairah and the Tah'mineh Clans, but no real bloodshed has occurred since the unification.


The Bismirah believe in one Deity, whom they call "Bis'khali", the "Old God". They believe in four lower beings than Bis'khali that while of higher being than the population of Eris, are not gods, only harbingers of the Old God's will. The "Great Four" or "Krallah Moiin" each watch over their own parts of the world and the life on it. Altras watches over the north. He is the giver of fertility and birth. He makes sure the water is always favorable. He is the "Youthful One". Korah is the watcher of the south. She breaths life where there is none, and courage where there is cowardice. Flames burn brightly thanks to her. She is the "Headstrong One." Pralos has his eye to the east. All that is splendorous in life is his to give. but he also is sure to see that trade is smoothe and that the winds blow freely. He is the "Jovial One". Bis Antilis is the mistress of the west. She holds the knowledge of ages past, and ages to come. she cradles all those who pass over to the other side in her busom, the ground. She is known as the "Wise One".

The Bismirah are unified by their faith and have been pushing for it to be adopted as the state religion for quite some time, beleiving that it will help to unify all of the tribes more strongly and possibly bring greater strength and power to the Empire.


The Xera-Ignus tribe is the current seat of power in the Xeran Empire, Prax is the fifth Emperor from the Xera-Ignus tribe. The Xera-Ignus practice a form of Emporer Worship, as they believe that their Emporers are in power by divine right and will ascend to be with their forerunners after their death.

The Xera-Ignus are the warriors of the Xeran Empire, this could more than likely explain why the Empire is named for them and why the Empire has expanded to at least three times its origional size since the Xera-Ignus Tribe current line of emporers took the throne. The Xera-Ignus as a rule, prefer action to talk and see attempts at diplomacy a simply a way to distract opponents from imposing doom.

Barbarian Cultures[edit]



















This is a list of the playable classes in Eris, any special rules or suggestions are explained below.


Barbarians come from all around Eris. The most noteworthy tribes are the Kublai of the Isles of Mandal; the Madir, Hassan and Bismirah from within the Xeran Empire; and the Skaadi, Bergmensch, and Schrekken of the Northwest. The Macabeah Are actually rather civilized but are unalligned with any particular group, though the Trebonian Federation is looking to incorporate them. The Barbarin Class replaces the fighter and is only available (for obvious reasons) to someone from a barbarian culture (Not inclding the Macabeans).






The Ninja come from the Isles of Mandal and the Eternal Kingdom of Hunan'Xin', though most come from the former. The have an incredibly mysterious and many shady traditions. Little is known of the ninjas.





The Samurai come from the Eternal Kingdom of Hunan'Xin'. They hold to a strict code of honor and respect for one another and all others. Samurai replace the Paladin Class in the Isles of Mandal and the Eternal Kingdom



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