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Epic Learning [Epic][edit]

Your spellcasting capacity has already transcended the normal boundaries, so that your learning process related to spells in which you´re a specialist becomes even more natural to you.
Prerequisite: Beguiler 20th level, Epic Spellcasting
Benefit: Choose a spell list, like the Sorcerer/Wizard´s. You´ll be granted access to every 1st level to 9th level spell from Enchantment and Illusion schools of this list, even if you previously didn´t have access to them. It´s also possible to choose a spell list from a specific prestige class that has its own list.
Normal: A beguiler can only learn spells outside her list through the Advanced Learning class feature, which is limited to five new spells from Enchantment and Illusion schools, and only from Sorcerer/Wizard´s spell list.
Special: This feat can be picked multiple times. In every new acquisition the character must choose a spell list different from the previous choices, like the cleric spell list, the druid spell list, etc.

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