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Seed:Epic Invocation Creation
Varied [The following is a set of rules designed to allow for the creation of Epic Invocations instead of being limited to standard invocations at epic level.]
Spellcraft DC: As per Epic Spellcasting Section
Components: Varied
Casting time: Varied
Range: Varied
Effect, or Area: Varied
Duration: Varied
Saving Throw: Varied
Spell Resistance: Varied, noting that Epic Invocations have a +20 to beat Spell Resistance

Sadly the Standard 3.5 system does little in the way for the Epic Warlock. Invocations are limited to the Least, Lesser, Greater, and Dark invocations. What is funny is that the one class in the game that is innately powered by Arcane influences can't create new invocations. The following is a set of rules designed to allow new invocations to be made

Epic Invocations unlike the pre-Epic invocations are limited in uses per day as per Epic spells with a reduced divisor. Thus the number of Epic invocations that can be used per day is the ranks held in Knowledge Arcana divided by 5 (rather than 10). Unlike Epic Spells the number of Epic Invocations that can ever be known is equal to the ranks the character has in Knowledge Arcana. These invocations can't be affected by any Meta-magic or Epic Meta-magic feats. The Spellcaster DC is 15+half the epic Warlock's level+Cha Mod, this is used for overcoming SR and Counter spell.

Epic Invocations do not have to be prepared, and can simulate or emulate Epic Spells provided in the Epic Level Handbook but always consider the listed Gold Cost and XP to be half for a Warlock.

Constructing Epic Level Invocations. Creating your own epic invocations can be rewarding. On Page 88 of the Epic Level Handbook the process of developing your own Epic Spells is explained. It is exactly the same for Epic Invocations except as I describe below.

Cost: An Epic Invocation costs 4500 gp X Final Spellcraft DC of the Epic Invocation, an Epic Invocation requires twice as long to develop as an Epic Spell per 50,000 gp spent to develop it. XP cost is a major difference; where an Epic Spell requires that 1/25 of the total materials cost be spent in XP, an Invocation only requires 1/50th. Epic Invocations are cast in 30 seconds not one Minute. Duration is always half of what an Epic Spell would have with a minimum of Instantaneous.

Besides the Spell Seeds listed I'll add a few here.

 Invocation: Evocation
 Hellfire DC 25
 Components: S
 Casting Time: 30 seconds
 Range: See Text
 Target: See Text
 Duration: 20 minutes
 Saving Throw: Reflex For Half (including Evasion and Improved Evasion)
 Spell Resistance: No
 Energy Resistance: No

You call forth the fires of Hell its self merging one of the nine hells momentarily with a space you define. This can target one or more creatures or be an area of effect no more than 30 feet squared. (Reduce DC by 3 if for a single target, 1 if its a group of creatures of which there are no more than 10 with in 10 feet of each other).

This does 20D6 Hellfire damage to the creatures affected. Targeted Creatures who do not leave the effected area will continue gain +2d6 points of damage per round for the duration of the spell. There is a 20% chance that any person still within the spell effect area (unless single target spell) will be dragged back into the Hell dimension when the spell ends.

 Invocation: Evocation
 Shadow Plane Essence 31
 Components: V. S.
 Casting Time: 30 seconds
 Range: See Text
 Target: See Text
 Duration: See Text
 Saving Throw: none
 Spell Resistance: No

You call forth the Plane of Shadow into a space. The shadowy darkness is so deep and non-magical that nothing but Blindsight, Tremorsense, and Blindsense can see through it. Not even True Seeing and other spells that would normally allow you to see through magical darkness penetrate this darkness. Normal site is hindered as if you were blinded. Creatures with Darkvision can see up to five feet in front of them. Creatures native to the Shadow Plane can see as usual and gain access to this realm and exist in this space with a 30% chance of creatures entering into the space with no more than 5 HD per round the rift has been opened max 15 HD.

The tear in space that allows for the Shadow Plane to enter into the physical realm remains open until closed. Every five rounds it is open there is an added 10% chance it cannot be closed by the caster and will become bigger, this is an accumulative percentage. 40 Cubic feet of True Darkness seeps out per round. It is a Will save on the part of the Caster, DC Half the Caster Level+ Cha Modifier +1/round open to will the rift closed. If the Rift remains open it will grow to a 10 foot by 10 foot rift and the Shadow plane will continue to spill out. A targeted Dispel or Anti-Magic field could collapse the rift presuming it beats the DC of the Invoker.

 Invocation: Evocation
 Evils' Visage  DC 20
 Components: V
 Casting Time: 30 seconds
 Range: Personal
 Target: Self
 Duration: 1/round per caster level minimum 21 rounds.
 Saving Throw: N/A
 Spell Resistance: N/A

You call forth the evil presence of an Elder Evil as a Visage. You gain +20 to the following: Strength, Con, and Dex. Immunity to Good Aligned Spells. You take 1 point of con damage for each round this is used. If you reach 0 Con there is a 50% chance your soul will be ripped from existence and taken down to the Deepest Hell where pure Evil Resides.

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