Epic Headband of the Psion (3.5e Equipment)

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The Headband of the Epic Psion allows the user to enjoy the effects of Mental Pinnacle spell. The spell is persisted and has one charge per day, meaning the character can activate it in the morning and have use of the benefits all the time. If dispelled, however, the effected cannot be re-established until the next day. CL for the Headband of the Epic Psion, Lesser is 25, and the cost is 60,000gp. CL for the Headband of the Epic Psion, Greater is 80, and the cost is 192,000gp.


Cost is calculated as follows: 6th level spell + 6 (persistent) = 12 * 25 = 300 * 2000gp = 600,000/2 (24 hour duration = 300,000/5 (one charge per day) = 60,000gp.

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