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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: A carrot crossed with a fork
Home Plane: Midgarde
Alignment: Chaotic good
Portfolio: Healing, love, forgiveness
Clergy Alignments: Any
Domains: Good, healing, magic
Favored Weapon: Handaxe.

Entil is the god of healing and life. His physical form is a man hanging from a tree. This man always wears farmers clothes, a straw hat and carries a fork in one hand and a carrot in the other. He looks dead. Entil’s main goal is to kill Slathuggoa, the god of disease who sends plagues to Midgarde periodically. His breath is healing and a glance from him can raise the dead. He can regenerate the bodies of those who have died at any time from any cause. If he needed to, he could raise every dead person in the world though the effort would render him powerless for a day.

He is incredibly meek, unable to control his own clergy but powerful when stirred into action. Many attempt to take advantage over his charity and kindness but it is impossible to fool him or gain help when you do not need it. Still, many try.


Entil's avatar is in the form of a talking tree. It dwells in a Jawar graveyard, healing the sick and blessing funerals for the good and neutral. The tree is a young conifer tree that stays forever healthy. His second guardian avatar is an enermous treant-like creature that can tear stone and dirt apart with its wooden claws. That particular avatar is only summoned in times of dire need, such as invasion or natural disaster. He is loathe to use it when uneeded, a contrast to Astar who frequently abuses the powers of his avatar.

Clergy amd Temples[edit]

The servants of Entil are utterly insane. They travel through Nu’an, using their so-called healing as an excuse to remodel and change people completely. The highest ranking healers can reshape faces and bodies of humanoid races. They inflict horrifying punishments on people with Places Of Torture (POT) and Killer Equipment That Takes Life Eternally (KETTLE). Both of them are basically mobile torture chambers that the clergy takes from town to town, murdering citizens who have broken one of their insane laws. They also remove peoples hair, attach wigs to their heads, recolour eyes and lenthen noses for no reason other than their own amusement. However, there is a small sect of druids in the wild who worship Entil the way he likes through peaceful prayer and kind offering. The mad clergy despises these "Vakir asad", the Tuvong phrase for life-lover.

One trick they use is offering confession to check for sins, then burning the sinners to death in a pit of fire. The high priest, Voklar, suffers from violent mood swings and just as easily becomes kind as Entil himself. On other days, he is a vicious, merciless zealot though. His charisma alone can trick people into entering confession.


Entil has two permanent commands. One, to destroy the worshippers of Slathuggoa wherever they appear. He once had rules but his mad followers scarcely listen to him so he abandoned them out of boredom. Once he commanded never to kill but, as usual, the clergy did it anyway. Many doubt they actually worship Entil until they see them enforcing their “healing”. The second rule is never harm, kill or disrespect cows.


Like all the gods, Entil just appeared one day as an angel, created by an overdeity's servant. He started as a servant of Astar then rose to be his advisor. After many centuries, Astar sponsored his rise to godhood. He went to Midgarde and became a god in Astar’s Grand Temple in Nu’an.

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