Enigmatic Truthfulness (4e Power)

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Enigmatic Truthfulness Tsuku-Master Utility 16
Its all plain and simple here: You or an ally are just plain good at speaking.
Daily Star.gif Divine
Free Action Ranged 10
Trigger: {{{trigger}}}
Prerequisite: You or the target ally must be trained in diplomacy.
Target: You or one ally.
Effect: The target gets a +10 bonus to their next diplomacy check.
Special: If the target rolls a 19 or 20 on their diplomacy check right after this power is used, then a special spirit of honesty is imbued upon them for a turn: He or she seems to stand proud in the truth of what they are saying, and to stand for nothing that decieves or is dishonest. Thus, the target gets a +5 bonus on his or her next diplomacy roll.

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