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Magicians with Class[edit]

Yes I know what you are thinking "Magic already is powerful as the person progresses" is a true statement. However once the character's major powers are used up (unless you are using the power points system) you are pretty much done for the day and you really don't expect to connect with your dagger +1. This section will hopefully give a few points as well as multiple types of classes to round out your characters to be able to do some damage right after expending everything to help kill that last group of monsters.

Base Classes[edit]

The caster path is very diverse with a few different options mainly versatility or power. A magic class can in theory decide not to ever multi class but if something really catches your eye you will need to start working on it immediately as most require feats that you may or may not have taken. In some cases those feats have prerequisites slowing you down further in actually being able to branch out. Skill requirements can also be a slight problem though usually the classes are not hurting in the realm of skill points due to high intelligence scores. A wizard can be powerful at level twenty, but only until he uses about 8 spells (everything under 8th level isn't bad and might do some damage but between saves, resistance scores and or spell resistance you will be hard pressed to keep the damage rolling.)

Enhanced Magic Base Classes (SRD)[edit]

Enhanced Magic Prestige Classes (SRD)[edit]

Multiclassed Characters[edit]

Now it is true that most magic users tend to stay with one specific class as level nine spells are a huge temptation to even the most humble adventurer, but some enjoy the concept of either more spells or possibly even being able to cast both arcane and divine magic. Also with many prestige classes the individual will lose spell casting slots in exchange for abilities that might not come close to adding up to what they lose. This section looks at fixing this to some extent by either increasing additional spell usage and even allowing some low level spells to be used at will. However there is still the inherent drain on multiclassing that puts most people off of doing what they want so to further these options here are some advanced alternative rules.

XP Penalties[edit]

The concept of experience penalties was a good idea to someone, and whoever it was I extend a fond middle finger salute to them as all it does is encourage people to look for the base class with the most oomph. I highly suggest making this a non factor and eliminating them since anyone that is willing to multiclass will already take a dip in power. And with that removal moves us onto the next item on the agenda.

Favored Classes[edit]

With the removal of experience penalties favored classes are now a bit redundant eh? Well since those no longer applies lets set it up so that the individual still gains a bonus out of it and I would suggest the following. If the character is of their favored class they recieve a free skill focus on a skill of choice. In addition to the skill focus when the favored class is selected if it is a magic user it will gain an additional use from the Permanent Magic effects later detailed within this sourcebook.

Saving Throws[edit]

Stealing this one straight from the Races of War my suggestion is to throw down the caveat that if you start a progression with a good save and you already have at least one level with a good save in that category that you gain +1 instead of +2. It's simple, easy to understand, and pulls in the crazy just enough that you can overlook the mathematical inadequacies of the system and play the game.

Skill Points[edit]

Again stolen straight from Races of War that people dislike cross class purchase schemes. Noone should ever buy things at the cross-class rate. Ever. Cross class skill maximums are fine, but the Cross Class skill rate exists only as a method to perform repeatable actions to permanently increase or reduce your total skill points. Also certain skills are not available (like disable device) simply due to specialized originations.

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