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Energy Well
Level: Psion/Wilder 7, Psychic Warrior 6
Display: Visual
Manifesting Time: 4 rounds
Range: 75-ft + 15 per manifester level
Duration: 5 minutes + 2/ 3 manifester levels
Saving Throw: Reflex halves
Power Resistance: No
Power Points: 10

The manifester's hands begin to glow with a dim white light while manifesting this, once it is manifested, the manifester can choose any energy type (if Force is chosen, -5 damage to bolts fired), which can be changed once per minute. The manifester can shoot up to (1d8)d20 bolts (at least 20 bolts), which each do (1d4)d10 damage.

The bolts can be fired in the following ways:

Single: Up to 3 single bolts can be fired in a one round

Rapid: Up to 50 bolts (or discs, balls, or beams) can be fired in rapid succession, however, they are shot with a -2 to hit, and an additional -1 for every 100 feet they are fired.

Blade: Expends 2 bolts to use energy as a copy of the wielder's weapon, except...

The weapon deals damage as the chosen energy type for this minute.
If the wielder does not have have bladed weapon, a +3 short sword is formed

Beam: Expends 7 bolts for X2 damage and range

Ball: Expend 4 bolts for X3 damage, 1/2 range, and 20-ft burst on impact, inflicting half damage to those caught in the burst.

Wave: Shot out with a melee attack made by the manifester, 1 bolt (or more if manifester's weapon has multiple blades) comes out of the tip in a 15-ft arc and hits anything within range of the arc.

Spray: Shoot 15 bolts at once in a 25-foot cone, normal range and damage.

Disc: Expend 6 bolts, X2 damage, +20 to hit, negates cover provided by concealment.

Blast: Expend 25 bolts, X2 damage, and the bolt's speed is slowed, can hit multiple targets, and it's direction can be changed twice as a free action each time.


You can't have more bolts than twice the number of power points in your reserve at the time of manifesting.


Spend 1 power points for an extra 1d20 bolts
Spend 1 power points for an extra 1d10 damage/bolt.
Spend 3 power points for +1d12 to hit due to better control of the power.
Spend 5 power points to manifest this power as a swift action
Spend 7 power points to manifest with maximum bolts and damage. (d8d20 maxed=160, d4d10 maxed=40)

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