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Energy Spray: Property: Melee weapon

Synergy Prerequisite: Flaming burst, icy burst, shocking burst, or psychokinetic burst

This weapon gives off a very slight hint of elemental affinity - the blade is hot to the touch, it is covered in a thin layer of frost, it sparks and crackles, or it causes a gentle breeze to swirl around the wielder.

Energy Spray: An energy spray weapon functions as a weapon of the prerequisite type (flaming burst, icy burst, shocking burst, or psychokinetic burst).
In addition, on a successful critical hit, the weapon releases a larger blast of energy, of the same type as the prerequisite property. This blast deals its extra elemental damage to all creatures in a 5 foot burst from the target. This blast does not harm you, or anyone you do not want to injure. Even if the weapon has not been activated to deal extra damage because of the prerequisite property, the weapon still deals its extra elemental damage in this burst.

For example, if you make a successful critical attack with an activated +1 shocking spray scythe, you deal four times the normal scythe damage, as well as an additional 1d6 of electricity damage to the target, and you deal 3d10 electricity damage to the target and all hostile creatures within 5 ft. of the target.

Strong (DC 21) Evocation;CL 16; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, spell for the prerequisite property.; Cost Varies; Activation: Standard (command) and ––; Market Price: +3 bonus

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