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Enduring: This enhancement may only be applied to ammunition. Ammunition with this quality never breaks due to being fired, even if it hits.

If you miss the target, roll 1d8. This determines the misdirection of the shot, with 1 being straight back at you and 2 through 8 counting clockwise around the grid intersection or target creature. Then, count a number of squares in the indicated direction equal to the range increment of the shot. This determines where the ammunition landed. To find ammunition that misses, the search DC is 16 if the ammunition is Fine size, 12 if it is Diminutive, 8 if it is Tiny, 4 if it is Small, 0 if it is Medium, -4 if it is Large, -8 if it is Huge, -12 if it is Gargantuan, and -16 if it is Colossal or Colossal+. Remember that a light weapon's actual size is two sizes smaller than its size category, a one-handed weapon is one size smaller than its size category, and a two-handed weapon is the same size as its size category.

Additionally, ammunition with this property has a hardness 10 higher than normal, 50 more HP than normal, and a break DC 10 higher than normal.

Faint Transmutation;CL 5; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, mending; Cost +3 bonus

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