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Endless Void [General,Evil]

Stage 3 of Flesh Eater
Prerequisite: 5hd, able to eat food normally, evil alignment, Flesh Eater[1], Abyss Maw [2]
Benefit: You now have the ability to grapple things using your whole body you gain a plus 4 to grapple checks and your torso opens into a mass of teeth bones and tentacles (no vital organs are exposed and can be used even while wearing armor) and while grappled your torso sprays out a corrosive acid (dealing 2d4 damage per turn to creatures and equipment stacks with abyss maw) and constantly bites (+ 2 hit dice to bite attack plus an additional 1 if large or bigger) the grappled target if they are not small enough to be eaten fully. if a target that is grappled by this attack dies they are automatically eaten or have a massive bite taken out of them
Normal: none of this
Special: if you eat a creature while having all 3 of the feats you gain the ability to gain permanent health or stat bonuses off of them based off of the rarity of the creature type (humanoid, goblinoid, dragon, etc) (common requires 100 devoured) (uncommon requires 50) (rare requires 10) (1 of a kind or ultra rare requires 1) and there is a chart to go along with this

common: roll 1d3 1. 1 point from the creature's highest stat(str con wis int etc) 2. 5 more maximum hp 3. 1 racial ability/effect (positive only) from this class uncommon: same as above but 1 point from top 2 stats and 10 max hp instead of 5 rare: same as above but 2 points from top 2, 20 maximum hp, 2 racial abilities (if not applicable 1 plus 10 max hp) one of a kind: same as above 3 points from top 3, 40 max hp, same racial. also gain the ability to polymorph at will into that creatures form and back

additionally: if massive (dm discretion) quantities of a creature type are consumed the consumer may gain the ability to transform into that creature type as well

small penalty: while in possession of this feat you radiate a dark aura of hunger (20ft area) making your presence unsettling to anyone who would normally be uncomfortable around you perhaps even provoking attacks

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