Endless Strikes (3.5e Martial Artist Maneuver)

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Stop your enemies from attacking your allies with this maneuver

Endless Strikes

You buffer your opponents attempts to harm your allies with two quick, powerful strikes that leave him quivering.

Level: Aggressive 3
Type: Stance
Prerequisite: Two Aggressive Maneuvers, Dex 16, full attack bonus +8
Description: While this stance is in play, the player may target one opponent. The enemy must be within striking distance of the initiator. If the enemy tries to strike anyone except for the initiator, or tries to move out of the initiators range, he/she provokes two AoO against the initiator. If the player succeeds in either attack, the enemy neither attacks or moves, and loses his or her turn. At the thirteenth and twenty-first levels, the number of attacks is increased by one. However, due to intense focus on the chosen adversary, the initiator also gets a -2 to AC against all other foes.
Special: The initiator cannot move, other than attack, while in the stance. If so, the stance is not broken, but there are no more special AoO against that character, though moving back in range and reactivating is a swift action, but must be done in the next turn.

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