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Emopires are the children of humans and succubi or inccubi. They can feed on fear, anger, and lust. Though their constitution is low they make up for this in the fact that unlike most predators they look exactly like their pray and even act Emopires aren’t killed or even weakened by sunlight, crosses, or garlic. Instead they are burned by true love. Because of their weakness, Emopires hardly ever use direct methods tending to stick to subterfuge. Always be wary of a Emopire they will always act on whatever they think is their benefit.


Emopires will do anything that pleases them. They have a very subversive nature and tend to stick to backhanded tactics. They are however always be driven by the need to feed. They will also avoid true love at any cost as it can harm them, causing burns.

Physical Description[edit]

Emopires look just almost like humans. They are generally very pale with dark hair and grey eyes. Also Emopires can’t be unattractive, thanks to their demon parent.


Thanks to their over-attractiveness and the constant Psychic manipulation of others, Emopires get along with any humanoid that doesn’t feed off of humans.


Though they can choose good or evil, Emopires are usually neutral choosing whatever benefits them the most.


Emopires don’t have land to call their own. They live with human disguised as humans.


While the Emopires aren’t opposed to most religions it is very rare to find one that actually worships a deity.


Emopires can learn most any language simply because they can feed on most humanoids.


Emopires have picked up the habits of humans and name their children the same way.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 charisma, -2 constitution: Emopires travel the mind as a second nature developed from the way they feed, but they pay the price in their frailty.
  • humanoid: Emopires are human like so that they can bypass the defenses of humans.
  • medium: no size related bonuses.
  • base land speed is 50 feet
  • Feed (Ex): deals one roll of the targets hit die to the target as damage and heals the player for the same amount. To beat this attack the victim must roll a will save higher than 10+ 1/2 character level+ charisma modifier.

Well feed: After three successive feeds an Emopire becomes well feed. When your character is well feed it gains +2 to dexterity and strength. This effect will last for the next three of the player’s turns after the third feeding. Under feed: After three battles that an Emopire hasn’t feed it becomes under feed in the next battle. The Emopire will then try to feed on a random creature, roll a die equaling to the number of players and creatures in battle with you the numbers are assigned in progressive order according to distance. The Emopire can’t perform any other action until they have feed, it will continue feeding on random creatures. If the Emopire doesn’t feed successfully by the end of the battle it will die. While under feed an Emopire gains a +5 against enemy will saves check and -4 to strength. If a critical is rolled the enemy is automatically killed, if not it does normal damage. The effect of under feed end immediately after the Emopire has feed.

  • Love not lust: If an Emopire is touched by someone who has truly loved and been truly loved in return they take 1d4 in damage.
  • Supernatural charm (Ex): This is the ability to turn any creature into the obedient slave of the Emopire. This creature then act on the behalf of the Emopire and will allow the Emopire to feed off of it at any time even when it is under feed. The creature will however remain itself it is just completely submissive to the Emopire. This attack can be negated by a will save of 10+ ½ character level+ charisma modifier. The Creature remains under the Emopires influence for 3+ charisma modifier turns. The charisma modifier is the number of times you can use this ability.

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
16 years +4 years --> +8 years --> +16 years -->

Table: Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 5' 10" +2d10 inches 140 lb. × 1d6/5 lb.
Female 5' 6" +2d10 inches 85 lb. × 1d4/5 lb.

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