Emerald Lord (4e Deity)

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A giant vine wrapped around a giant emerald.

Domains: Wilderness, Life
Warpriest Domain: Earth

Known as nature's gift and the shorthand "the emerald", the Emerald Lord is a god of dragons and the god of nature. The Emerald Lord is a patron of the physical. He is a wise and ancient dragon. The temples made for the Emerald Lord are made of tangled vines intertwined into complex shapes and are usually located deep in the hearts of forests. Dragonborn, dracromancers, dracodin, elfs, eldarian, and drow revere and worship him. Those who worship him respect nature and use it to their advantage. His commands are:

  • Respect Nature and don't destroy it unnecessarily.
  • pay tribute to anything you hunt.
  • Rid the world of poachers and hunters.
  • Respect all living things.

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