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Aether Elves[edit]

When an elf kills you, they'll do it with a smile on their face.
—Unknown Source.

The aether elves are mysterious beings who dwell in the Aether. They have three subraces: bright elves, dusk elves, and shadow elves. All of these clans of aether elves are loosely collected into a messy community which stretches along the rim of the Aether.


Elves are perceptive, intelligent, and, despite their friendly, charming demeanor, incredibly ruthless and cruel. They seem to have no conscience or morals, but to be simply driven by emotion and ego.

Physical Description[edit]

All aether elves stand about as tall as humans (between 5 and 6 feet), but are very slender, and weigh only 100-150 lb. They have pointed ears. Physical traits vary by subrace. Bright elves have fair features, blazing golden hair, and golden or silver eyes. Dusk elves have a darker look, with dark brown, chestnut, or dark, tarnished blond hair, darker skin tone, green or purple eyes, and slightly taller then most other elves. Shadow elves have darker features, dark hair, black eyes, and are shorter and slimmer then any of their cousins.


Aether elves view all other races as beneath them, and have little to do with them if they can help it. Their capricious mood swings and heartless demeanor makes it hard for them to make friends, even with other aether elves. They are ruled only by the three Dream Lords: Auberon, Mabba, and Frae.


Aether elves are capricious and hard-hearted, governed by whim and self-absorption. They are universally chaotic, with most being chaotic neutral, though many are chaotic evil.


Elves have no religion, but do pay complete homage to the Dream Lords, who can grant elven clerics (which are rare) access to the following domains: Chaos, Luck, Destruction, Madness, Magic, Mind, and Trickery.


Aether elves live in the Aether, and are considered one of the ruling species there.


Aether elves speak Aeth, the primary language of most Aether denizens. However, they also speak a racial dialect; bright elves Clarion, dusk elves Vesperion, and shadow elves Umberion.


Aether elves name themselves upon reaching puberty, so their names are varied.

Racial Traits[edit]

Racial Traits (Bright)[edit]

Racial Traits (Dusk)[edit]

Racial Traits (Shadow)[edit]




Aether elves do not age. They die only through outside causes (wounding, disease, starvation, etc.). However, after about 3,500 years of existence they they transform into elders. Elders are the guardians of the Aether elves' domains.

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