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Elemental Weapon [Fighter, Bender]

You can make a powerful weapon out of your element.
Prerequisite: Bending Style 2nd
Benefit: As a standard action you can create a weapon made of your element. This weapon functions normally in all ways except you add your elemental damage to damage rolls. Fire Bender's create a longsword or a shortsword made of fire, Water Bender's create a whip made of water (This whip deals lethal damage and does damage armored creatures) or a spiked light shield made of ice, Air Bender's create a scimitar or a sai made of air, Earth Bender's create a heavy mace or a spiked gauntlet made of stone. You cannot possess both of your elemental weapons at once. If for any reason these weapons leave the Bender's possession it return's to it's element.
Special: A fighter may select Elemental Weapon as one of his fighter bonus feats. If the Bender has the Quick Draw feat he can create this weapon as a move action.

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