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Elemental Origin[edit]

You are born with a strong connection to a particular element, turning you into a devastating force on the battlefield.

Elemental Affinity

At first level, you choose one elemental type from the following: Acid, Poison, Fire, Cold, Thunder or Lightning. All spells that deal damage of the chosen element gain extra damage equal to your charisma modifier.

Elemental Armor

At first level, as long as you're not wearing armor, your AC is 12 + your Dexterity modifier. And you gain a Damage Resistance to the element you have an affinity for.

Elemental Control

At third level, you gain a +2 to both your ranged spell attacks and your spell saves for spells that are the element of your elemental affinity.

Elemental Attunement

Starting at 6th level, when you cast a spell that deals elemental damage (Acid, Fire, Cold, Poison, Thunder or Lightning) you may spend 1 sorcery point to change the elemental damage of the spell to your chosen Elemental Affinity, and your Elemental affinity ignores resistances.

Elemental Protection

Starting at level 14, your elemental armor gains a bonus effect depending on which element you chose for your Elemental Affinity:

Acid or Poison: enemy melee attacks against you get a -2 to attack and damage rolls
Fire: When an enemy successfully attacks you, melee and ranged, they take fire damage equal to your charisma modifier.
Cold: +2 to your AC (This effect doesn't stack with magic items that provide extra AC)
Lightning or Thunder: +2 to spell save rolls
Elemental Immunity

Starting at level 16 you gain immunity to the element you have an affinity for.

Elemental Superiority

Once you reach 18th level, all spells that deal elemental damage of your chosen Affinity type have advantage and ignore immunities.

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