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Elemental Adept[edit]

Fighter Subclass

Elemental Dice

At 3rd level, you get 4 Elemental Dice, which are d8s. An Elemental Die is expended when you use it. You regain all your Elemental Dice after you finish a short or long rest. You gain an additional Elemental Die at 7th and 15th level.

Elemental Channel

You can roll an Elemental Die and add it to your attack (after or before you roll to hit) as your elemental damage, this manifests as your damage surrounding your weapon and transferring to the enemy on impact.

Element Manipulation

Also at 3rd level, you choose your element of choice that will dictate your future advancements:

Water: you gain the Shape Water cantrip, Aquan language, your elemental damage is cold.

Earth: you gain the Mold Earth cantrip, Terran language, your elemental damage is force.

Fire: you gain the Control Flames cantrip, Ignan language, your elemental damage is fire.

Air: you gain the Gust cantrip, Auran language, your elemental damage is lightning.

You are resistant to your elemental damage type

Clean Element

When you reach 7th level you are more in touch with your element and you learn to attack at range by using your Channel Element Instead of adding your element to your weapon damage you can:

Choose a creature you can see within 90 feet of yourself, expend an Elemental Die and double the result as your elemental damage to be dealt to the creature.

Elemental Expertise

After reaching 10th level everything that dwells around your chosen element becomes so clear to you now. Creatures anywhere within 30 feet of something that relates to your element within 60 feet of you, you are given knowledge of and know where the creature is, what the creature is, if a person, who it is, and its intentions.

Higher element

At the 15th level you can spend 2 Elemental Dice to cast

Water: you can cast Wall of Water at 5th level, your cold attacks deal an extra damage die

Earth: you can cast Wall of Stone at 5th level, your force attacks deal an extra damage die

Fire: you can cast Wall of Fire at 5th level, your fire attacks deal an extra damage die

Air: you can cast Wind Wall at 5th level, your lightning attacks deal an extra damage die

Elemental Summon

Finally at 18th level you can expend 3 Elemental Dice to cast Conjure Elemental at 5th level, the elemental die is increased to a d10

You are now immune to your elemental damage type

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