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Element God [Salient Ability][edit]

Become with the elements
Prerequisite: Divine Rank 16, Divine Element Mastery
Benefit: You learn to fuse with the four elements. Up to 1 min per divine rank a day, you may enter a super natural state as a move action and leave it as a free action. This state may be spread out or used all at once through out the day. While in this state, your divine rank is treated as Quadruple for Divine Water Mastery,Divine Fire Mastery, Divine Earth Mastery, and Divine Air Mastery. As a spell like ability, can freeze time. The ability work similar Time Stop but the duration is 1 round per every 5 divine ranks. The amount of times you can use this spell like ability is equal to half your divine rank (Round Down). You can only use the spell like ability in the super natural state.
Special: Suitable for deities of Nature.

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