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Psionic Origin[edit]

Eldritch Sorcerer

Sometimes the Far Realm makes contact with the mundane realm. Unleashing its effects upon a populous, imbuing them with a portion of a reality not their own to their soul. Perhaps a beholder struck a deal with a mortal, gifting psionics in turn for service. Maybe one had traveled to the land outside the known world and came back different then when they had left. One thing is sure. The forces that Eldritch Sorcerers command are fearsome and flexible, resembling the chaotic and alien world their magic comes from.

Otherworldly Psionics

At level 1, The psionics you wield manifest and Your link to the far realm becomes evident. This allows you to cast spells using your intelligence modifier in place of charisma when casting your sorcerer spells and sorcerer save DC. In addition to this you learn and cast the cantrips 'Eldritch Blast' and 'Prestidigatation' as a sorcerer spell. Neither count against the number of sorcerer cantrips known.

Eldritch Flexibility

At level 6, You begin to display an increased amount of skill over the ability to regulate the alien magic flowing through you. When you create a sorcerer spell slot of 5th level or less with the flexible casting feature, the cost of creating a spell slot is now a number of sorcery points equal to that spell's level.

Alien Warding

At level 14, Your alien magic has grown more powerful and is now capable of protecting you when ever you are attacked. Anytime you are attacked with a melee attack, You can use your reaction to deal psychic damage equal to half your level + your Intelligence modifier to the attacker. This can only be used a number of times per long rest equal to your intelligence modifier.

Psychic Display

At level 18, You have learned to demonstrate more influence over the physical plane with your mental prowess. You can expend 5 sorcery points to cast Telekinesis without expending any material components. However if you already have Telekinesis as a known spell, The amount of sorcery points needed changes to three. When casting Telekinesis with this feature, you automatically succeed the first three Constitution saving throws you make to maintain concentration on this spell, and the remaining Constitution saving throws you make to maintain concentration have advantage.

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