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Eldritch Hexer[edit]

Your have learned to mingle the arcane power of your hexblade's curse with the power of your eldritch blast, making your spells and invocations more powerful.
Prerequisite: Hexblade's Curse, Eldritch Blast 2d6
Benefit: Your Hexblade levels and Warlock levels stack for determining the number of uses of your Hexblade's Curse per day as well as your Eldritch Blast damage. This does not grant Greater Hexblade's Curse or Dire Hexblade's Curse abilities.

When you successfully strike the subject of your Hexblade's Curse with an Eldritch Blast, they must succeed on a Will DC (10+1/2 your character level+your Cha modifier) or become shaken for 1 round.

Your Hexblade and Warlock levels also stack for caster level of your Hexblade spells and Warlock Invocations. This does not grant additional spells known or spells per day, nor does it increase the number of invocations known.
Special: A Hexblade may select this as one of his bonus feats.

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